Sunday, November 25, 2007

So far so good.
I think my plans are going along well. With a baby shower and suprise parties, i think i have exorcised any party demons, at least for the mean time. Back to the grind *sigh*

2 tests this week, a paper to write, and 5 finals. Why do this to myself, i don't know. I still need to get that dang thing typed for international week.

So why am i here, seeing as i have a bunch of stuff to do? I don't know. I think that itch is coming again.

You know.

That Itch.

Comes every couple of years or so (i think every 2 years is a good estimate). Its the itch to break out of my skin, break out my environment, and go somewhere where i don't know anyone and start afresh. Usually, i can quell this by travelling (CA HERE I COME!), and that dose lasts me a while. But it'll come back. I know it.

Meanwhile, another beloved bastard is back again. Yup. Back again to wreak havoc. But i am usually able to defeat him quickly. Besides, i don't have time for that junk, seeing as i have a ton of stuff to do. Meanwhile, the daredevil in me has been trying for weeks now to rear its head, and i have been pushing back, but i do have to say that my immunity is down right now. I know that if i do it, i can get away with it, and like all human beings, i can justify myself to the point of shutting up my conscience. But i won't do it. You know why? Because i don't really want it. The fact that it comes and goes is testament enough. I think i just like to stir a ruckus (i get bored fast ladies and gentlemen). And now, i bid farewell, probably for a while, as i tackle Optics/Epidemiology/Ecosystems Ecology/the effervescent Alice Walker. KE KWANU?


There we go again.
Resolutions and revolutions
Around and around and around
Like the permanency of a nought
words clabber in my soul
I hear them
they hear me.
the unism of evil
buried incidences, escaping reality, the refusal to face pain
Thud thud thud.......

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Started the weekend thinking i would get a whole lot of rest..... FAT CHANCE!!
Started out chilling, then working, then going for a baby shower/party/political war (don't ask). I actually lost my voice, arguing over tintillating topics (ah, the joys on the intelligencia :))

Worked, chatted, cooked (its suprising how much i cook, and i actually hate cooking).
Oh, and did i mention i fed 7 boys? yup. 7 Grown ass mehn. And lil' me. Wow. Was fun sha (minus the stalker gf of a friend, long story).

Plagued again by old nemesis. Emotional trivia yet again (sigh, i hate girls), but the peace of the Lord which passes all understanding reigns on my heart still--thank you God.

Connecting with my savior again, after all these months. Experiencing a joy that cannot be explained. Knowing that everything is sorted out... you should try it.

New Business: Male prospects, modelling, travels, work, heading 2 organisations, 5 more exams and 6 finals...... With God, i can do all things, nothing is impossible.......... :)

Monday, November 5, 2007


Questions unanswered pounding thumping
curiosity the weed of the brain
Aaaaaaaaahhh......... .
Patience demanded, required
not possible
The little devil jumps
aims higher
and higher
and higher
Where the hell is my weed?