Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nawa oh

Ok, first of all, i know i owe a lot of people a lot of explanations.... after all, i have been off blogspot FOR 5 MONTHS!! (or is it 4? whatever sha)

First of, THAT IS WHY IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE INTERNET IN YOUR HOUSE. Yes oh, i am sad to say, in this day and age, i don't have internet in my house. Haven't had since i moved in august. I must say i kinda got used to it. So, whenever i was on campus on the computers, it had to be for business. Hence me absence.

Ok, so some will say "so why couldn't you post just a little bitty something when you got the chance?" The answer is: NO TIME!!!! Honestly. From studying for my MCATS and trying to keep up with schoolwork and boy wahala, omo, a girl is kept rather busy.

A lot happened over the past couple months. I fled with some friends when gustav hit (nothing was damaged in my house though). I lost friends, kept some friends, and all in all i discovered a lot about myself. I got a new boo (who i'm angry at right now), though it kinda took us 4 months to get together( which was my fault, i kinda have a fear for the label "girlfriend". I still have it. But i realised it was either i lose him and keep my fabulous single life, or keep a really good guy. Logic won, even though, i must say, i still hate the label, and miss my single life).

Did a lot of unecessary shopping, planned a friend's birthday party, attended a bunch of parties, almost had a fight at one party because my guy friend (see how i hate the word boyfriend?) almost knocked out this one guy who kept wanting to grind on me (we weren't dating then)

I mean i can go on and on, but i am actually waiting for someone and wondering why she hasn't called me yet. I'm still mad at my guy friend, and i'm also wondering why it now wants to snow in this little town were it hasn't rained FOR OVER 70 YEARS. NO JOKE.

Uh oh, she's calling me already. So i guess i have to save the story of when a black cat got into my house and under my bed at 2am for another day. Did i mention i severely hate cats? Anyway, i have to go, going shopping for some people BECAUSE I AM GOING HOME! YES PEOPLE, I AM GOING TO NIGERIA! AND ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO!

bye lovelies

Friday, August 8, 2008


Mehn, i just realised that it has been a long minute since i've been here oh....... I'm actually in between writing an exam,but what the heck? I need stress relief :)

I never thought i could be away from blogsville this long.. i guess thats how much of a geek i am:) i intend on passing this exam, come rain or shine! So, due my dedication, my time on blogsville has faltered :( Hopefully it'll pick up soon......

Anyhoo, quick gist, cuz i have to go and continue
1. i decided not to date the guy (check out previous posts). Funny enough, as soon as i made that decision, i no longer liked him. Strange huh? Maybe he was just entertainment for me, something to think about.

2. Hmm, i heard on Fox today that Russia has declared war on the US oh! I am just praying that that was just overexxageration on Fox's part, if not, biko, the minute i see one wierd airplane, i am buying a one way ticket back to naija! No be by force abeg.

3. Dark night was SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering what all the noise about heath ledger's death was back then, i never thought he was an amazing actor, but he sure changed my mind after this movie! He was scarily on point. I even heard that some people think he killed himself because he got to involved with the role. Can't blame him.

4. I entered another love triangle again. I'll update soon (hopefully) cuz i have to go and finish my exam. Bye luvies!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Praise in the early hours

My Heavenly Father
Who is like You?
There is no one.
No one can even be COMPARED to you
For you are the one true GOD
Maker of the Heaven and Earth.

Man may deny your existence
Rationalize it
Analyze it
Ask for proof.
But do you know why i like you, God?
You don't bother with it
You are too great to have to convince the heart of man that you exist
Those who TRULY want to know that you exist, will get the priviledge of meeting you
But those who question your existence out of scorn and arrogance, you look at with pity

The same Man who denies your existence
Struggles to understand YOUR creation
Seems almost paradoxical
What you created within seconds
The complexities of the human body alone
Took you ONE BREATH to create
But has taken man YEARS UPON YEARS to understand
And even the little understanding gained is theoretical, not practical
That is just one example of your greatness

You Command the Sun to rise and set
You tell the birds just when to start their tireless rendition
You even gave each specie of bird a particular song
So none feels left out of the Earth's orchestra
The Oceans cry out to you
The Earth shakes at your will
Yet with all your power
You give man free will
When you could easily, with the mere flick of an eyelash
Command man to love you
You choose to let him be
THAT is true love

Who is like you God?
There is no one
You are faithful, even when i am unfaithful
When i am at my lowest
You reach out and pull me up
Time and time again i cry out to you
And there you are
Right there
Like you never left
But you did say "I will never leave nor forsake you"

I publicly declare that I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU
There is no amount of wealth, fame, achievement, or success
That can make up for what you have done for me in my life
How you protect me and my family
And provide not only financially, but emotionally
Even on this road to success, my hands get weary
My feet become sluggish
And my heart begins to decrease its efforts
You remind me to take in a deep breath
And look up
And there you are
Smiling down on me
And you give me the strength i need to move on

I am so grateful i have you in my life
Where man achieves due to human connection
I will achieve greater because i have the DIVINE CONNECTION
As long as i live
I pray that my life will be one that brings you praise, not sorrow
Brings you joy, not sadness
Even as i slip from time to time
I ask your forgiveness, my Father
My heart is filled with joy this morning
Because in you Father, i have promises
In you Father, I have hope
In you Father, i am made Whole
You are my ROCK
My refuge

I wish i were eloquent enough to give you the praise you so rightly deserve,
My Father
But even more
I pray MY LIFE gives you the praise you so rightly deserve
For EVERYTHING you have done for me
And that which you are yet to do,
I say

"I look up to the hills.
where does my help come from?
my help comes from the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The verdict

Pardon me, but for some reason thats the only title i could come up with.
School ish has me so busy i can't even do my blog rounds anymore :(. I try so hard to keep up, but school's a monster! Oh well, soon, it'll all be over.

I just wanted to touch on a 2 incidents that have been on my mind lately.

First of all, its my housing situation. My brothers graduated last semester and moved out of our apartment, so i had to find a new place to stay. To help my parents save money, i decided to move in with a friend that i knew had trouble meeting her rent and other bills sometimes. But i figured wth, at least it would be an experience. We got the apartment and moved in late may, and shortly after i left for MD for the summer.
Things were going fine. I sent my share of the rent a week before it was due, and she paid the rent. Last monday or tuesday, however, i recieved an alarming phone call. Ms D, who is the manager of the apartment complex, called me to tell me that she has been trying to reach my roomate, and that if our rent is not paid by 3pm that afternoon, she was going to go downtown and file for eviction, and in a couple days, my things will be out on the street. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!
I immediately tried calling the girl, but it was going straight to voicemail. I then proceeded to call a friend of mine, and after shouting on the poor soul, managed to reach my roomate. Thankfully, she got things sorted out. Apparently her mom did not send her rent money when she said she would, and so when she went to give the check, she didn't know that it was only my share that was in her account, and so the check bounced without her knowing. While i am happy the situation is diffused, i'm annoyed because i wanted to use the rent to build some credit, and now thats not working out. So, as far as i am concerned, the kid gloves are off. I took the nice approach, seeing as i know that she is dependent on her parents to send her rent. But seeing as doing nicey nice has got me no where, i am now reverting to bitch mode. :). Its simple really. I have never believed in mixing friendship with business. Now, i am simply eliminating the friendship aspect to get what i need done DONE. Call me cold, but hell, as least the rent will get paid. She was also supposed to call me after to explain exactly what went down, and how this situation happened since last tuesday, but she never did. She claims she never got my messages either. She didnt tell me anything TILL I CALLED HER THIS EVENING AND ASKED HER WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. So, i simply told her, as nicely as i can, that i don't want this situation to repeat itself, so if her mom has not called her back by this friday about the rent, she should call her mom. This nonsense must not repeat itself.

On another note, i'm going to talk about a guy, whom i'll call M for now. M and i met in may, in a wierd way. I was going with my friend and her family for a graduation ceremony in another state, and M was my friend's cousin that came down from another town. To cut a long story short, he developed feelings for me, which i did not reciprocate at first. Then, when i started reciprocating, he got this offshore engineering job, which will keep him away for weeks on end, and also expect him to come in to work at any given point in time. What i mean is, if he's in town today, he can literally be called up right now to go offshore and he might be back tomorrow, or he might be back mid august. Yeah, that kinda thing. He asked me out in several ways, and i turned him down in several ways. At some point, the emotional frustration was too much, and so when i called him to tell him we should just be friends, he actually ended up telling me first that he wanted us to be friends, seeing as he won't have time to devote to me as he would like, or something like that. I was relieved and sad at the same time, but i felt i was not ready to deal with such an emotionally drenching situation. So for the last 2 weeks, outta sight has been outta mind. But over the past couple days, the situation changed. I find myself purposely conjuring up situations involving me and him out to dinner, or just chilling and watching tv, stuff like that. The thing is, i haven't seen the dude since may. Another thing is, when i head back south, there is a high possibilty we might meet. And even when i go back to school, seeing as we are in the same town and he is my friend's cousin, that increases the chances of us meeting even more. The thing is, i don't know how much i like him, or if i really want to put myself in the situation of dating him and dealing with all the issues his job comes with. While i am pretty sure i am averse to dating him because of his job, i wonder if i am making a mistake. Hmm.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random ish

This is just going to be a bunch of stuff spewing from my brain, so bear with me.

Thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday! I basically moped for most of the day, and then a friend threw me a suprise birthday party! All in all it was ok. I did want to do some kind of blogsville mixer, but i was too busy to plan one :( HOWEVER, i am still interested in one, i'm just to lazy to plan one. So if anyone aka unwritten as any ideas, HIT ME UP!

I heard the other day on the news that this one male nurse is being sued because of indecent behavior. Whats the indecent behavior, you ask? Well, i'll tell you. He was in charge of this woman who was conscious but could not move any part of her body and could not talk right? So what does he do? He fondles her, and forces her to fondle his male genitalia. Like really though, is he THAT desperate to get some action?

I attended the Nigerian Entertainment awards a couple weeks back. Was FABULOUS! However, i have made a note to myself: NEVER LIVE IN NYC! gosh! the metro there (especially after being spoilt by the clean D.C. metro) is the most disgusting thing i have ever been in. Yuk. I wouldn't mind visiting the city, but the hustle and bustle is too much for me to cope with everyday (which suprises me, seeing as i am a lagos girl and all).
Anyway, something strange happened when i was there. Allow me to randomly interject the fact that i met OLU JACOBS! ok, back to my point. So, i was only supposed to go with these 2 other girls right? So one old friend of mine had told me earlier that she was coming. We used to be really tight before, but i am sorry to say that the babe has more issues than a transvestite. Basically, we don't talk much anymore. She had randomly called me earlier that week to tell me that she wanted to come but has no place to stay. Apparently she found someplace to stay. On friday, when i got to NYC, i found out that online ticket sales end at 5.00pm, and i wasn't sure they were selling tickets at the door. When i called her to tell her, she begged me to help her get her ticket, saying she would pay me back. I agreed.

Another problem arose: she didn't know how she would get to the event. Plus, some of her friends from her school were also coming down and had no clue where to stay ot how to get there. So me now, being Captain Save The World, took all their wahala (trouble) on my shoulders. I arranged for them to come and meet me in my friend's sisters place in manhattan. I helped the girl shop, to the point where i didn't get anything i needed for the show. As we were shopping, we happened upon a capital one atm, where i told her to withdraw the money shoe owed me ($30). She with drew $40, and gave me. I used part of it to get sturvz from BK for us to eat. Then, later, after the show, around 2am, we were looking for where to eat, (5 of us), and she kept bothering me about money, saying i owed her oney. Now, if i used $14 to get us food out of the $40, it means i don't owe you any money, right? But at that point in time, i was too worried about how one of my friends would get back home (she stayed in brooklyn) to start disturbing myself about someone's money. So sha, i got back to my side on sunday.

The following tuesday, she sends me this text saying "its funny how you never paid me my money after i asked you severally. Hmm." I'm like are you kidding me? I'm in MD, she's in upstate NY. I was like ok, send me your account number, bank name and routing number and i will send your money. Then she starts to argue with me how i owe her $15 THE WHOLE DAMN DAY. In the evening, i was like look, this makes no sense. Even though i know i don't owe you $15, i'll just give you anyway, cuz i can't be dragging that kind of amount with someone. Then she sends me a message saying "yeah, i didn't think you'd drag shit too." At that point, i'm like OH HELL NO. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS BRAINLESS FOOL? I called my friend and she calmed me down, but i should have known not to even help the girl in the first place. This is the same girl i talked about in a post long ago, the girl who kep malice with mr for 3 months, only for her to come and tell me that she doesn't remember why she was mad at me. Once a screwed nutcase, always a screwed nutcase :)

I also went for the naija reunion in baltimore. Apparently the dude i stayed with has been having the hots for me for 3 years, and decided to tell me (i kinda knew though). In his words, "i won't rest until i get you." i wish him luck :). Oh yeah, and the party on saturday was FUN

Lastly, the one dude i talked about, who works offshore? i decided that we should just remain friends, at least for now. I hope all my lovelies on here are doing well (mehn its about time i do some rounds). Have a beautiful week everyone!

Monday, June 30, 2008



Now i'm off to sleep. :)

Thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday! Y'all are too much, and i love you to pieces!!!!!

Everyone who wants a piece of the cake, let me know :)

Sorry i haven't been on here to update, but school does not want me to breath. Sha there is gist coming, so be prepared!

To all those that gave me advice concerning the guy, thanks so much! Right now he is away, so i'll wait till he comes back to talk to him about it. I wanted to cut him off, but he was like he'd rather we remain friends, that way, i am still in his life somehow, that he'd rather have me as a friend than not have me at all. He also said a bunch of other stuff i won't say on here :) what can i say? i miss him.

Oh well. Have a great week lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Birthday sturvz

Ok, i know many questions have been asked about my birthday. Thing is, because i went for the Nigerian Entertainment awards, i am kinda broke :). But i really am touched that so many people would've come anyway (big ups to JT and Unwritten amongst others) if i did do something. Thing is, i've barely had time to think, which is why i seem to be awol on blogsville most of the time. Anyhoo, there was no time to really plan for something, but thanks who all who were interested! We can still plan something though, and if anyone is interested, just let me know and i will give you my email address.

Thanks to all those who wished me well! What will i do without all you lovelies? :)
Oh my birthday is next monday, June 30th.

PS: ok, MAN ALERT. I need y'alls help. Hypothetical situation: If you are a guy really complement each other aka you like each other a lot and the compatibility is there, but he works offshore and will be away 6 weeks at a time and you won't be able to communicate with him for those 6 weeks he is offshore, but will be onshore in the same city as you for 2 weeks after that (and the cycle is like that: see him for 2 weeks, don't see him for 6 weeks), would you still date him?

I have to cut this short because my class has continued and i am still here typing away on blogsville :) have a blessed week y'all! More juicy details about my weekend in NY coming soon to a cmoputer/laptop/macbook air/ whatever the heck you please near you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Birthday is a' coming!!!!!!

Ok, while i was on the train yesterday to D.C., i had this radical idea.

You see, my birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. Honestly, i had no intention on doing anything (frankly, i am too lazy to care at this point). However, i thought about something:

Why not arrange a dinner to celebrate my birthday AND INVITE ALL THE BLOGSVILLE PEEPS IN THE AREA?

Now, i am not sure i am going to go through with this, but i thought, what the heck, why not throw it out there?

So awon unwritten and the rest of them blogsville peeps in the MD, D.C., NY AND NJ area, hit me up!

Meanwhile, in other news, i had some other interesting thoughts on the train (my train trip is always so long, it demands one to become a philosophical thinker in order to survive the trip). I was on my way back from D.C. when these obnoxious little brats got on the train. One black boy, probably about the age of 10 or 12, and the other somewhere under the age of 10. They were loud and lousy, talking at the top of their voices to each other even though they were right next to each other, and using a lot of foul language. I looked around me, and i noticed i was not the only one irritated by the brats. At one point, while the train was still moving, the older boy started doing pull ups with the poles in the train. At that point, i was like where the heck are these kids parents? then my next thought was "Oh lord, if i have to stay in this country, my kids will go to nigeria for secondary school. i don't think i want to bring them up in this society."

Now, i am not saying that the nigerian society is any better. With no job, no electricity, the corruption, why would i want my child to grow up there, you ask? Well, call me naive, but i rather my child suffer problems OUTSIDE themselves than problems within. What do i mean by that? Well, i 'd rather my child worry about whether he will get a job due to lack of job opportunities rather than the fact that he is black. No, don't give me that look. Subtle racism still exists in this country. For example, why does it take a white person a regular bachelor's degree to get a job, while a black person has to have probably some master's or associate degree IN ADDITION to his bachelor's TO LAND THE SAME FRIGGIN JOB?

Anyway, back to my story. The boys finally got off at some point. Then my attention went to this black woman. She took off her slippers, placed her leg on the pole that people usually hold on to while they stand in the metro, and proceeded to rub cream on her feet. For some reason, i felt awkward watching that. I am a snob or something? I just felt like that was inappropriate for the venue. Like really. But i immediately felt a rush of shame. I mean, why is it that whatever the black people do is always "razz" or "ghetto" or "unsophisticated"? Sophistication is a relative term. For example, in a certain country (i've forgotten the name), it is considered disrespectful to the household if you don't belch after eating. In this country, it would be considered rude and unsophisticated to belch at the table. So you see, what if, for lack of better word, "the white way" was considered wrong? What if it was considered rude to be quiet in public places, and the right way of things was to be loud and gregarious? What if everything we thought was wrong with the African American society today, in terms of behavior e.g sagging pants, was actually the right way? Think about that......

Anyway, peeps, don't forget to hit me up, and have a great weekend!!! Update about the new dude in my life coming soon! :D

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm back!

Goodness, i can' t believe i haven't been here in so long!!!!

what have i missed? oya everyone who has gist, report here ASAP!!!!!

I saw all the wishes for my finals.... may God bless all of you oh! It went well, we thank God...... Had to pop into houston briefly after that... stress relief you know ;)

It has been a wild couple of weeks... my parents came and left.... in all their glory
My brother graduated (yippee!)
All the mad parties and such, and saying goodbyhe to my friends because i was leaving for the summer...

A wierd thing has been going on though. Or maybe not wierd, but slightly disturbing to me, for some reason.
Ok, so my friend asked me to come with her to houston. We left right after our last finals, and piled into her brother's car with 5 other people (Lord have mercy, a 4 hour journey with 7 people). It was fun. I was ever ready with nigerian movies for our viewing pleasure.
Before we left though, i went to my friend's house, and saw this dude but never bothered saying hey or anything like that. Then, on saturday night, after all the festivities of the day and such, we started gisting at like 2am (thank God my friend's mum didnt see us, she's rather strict).

Since then, we talk on and off, but i don't even really understand whats going on. Ok, so i sorta like him, but apparently its much deeper on his side. Yesterday night i was talking to him when he told me about his new job. You see, he's moving to the town i'm in, but only for 2 months. Right now, i am in MD, and so i won't even see him, and by the time i get back, he'll be moving to texas for 5 months. So the dude starts talking about how he'd understand if i didn't wait and blah blah blah. Now, to be very honest, i never even thought that far. Sure, i kinda like him, but i don't know to what extent yet. I know though that if i really liked him, i'd be willing to wait (after all, i am skilled in long distance sturvs). What got me though was when he said that it would hurt his feelings, but he would rather i be happy, whether its with him or someone else. For me though, things have moved a little to quickly for me. I never thought of my self with him like that. He is just a friend i happen to like. So i am kinda apprehensive, but i guess we'll see how things go. Moving on.....

My old friend from nigeria came over to MD!!! Gosh, i haven't seen this babe in 3 years! You'd think things would be awkward, seeing as i barely had to call her and such over the years.. but it was nothing like that! we just picked up were we left off..... reminiscing about runs to sturvs like rythm unplugged, silverbird, etc. I evev remember this one time we went there and just chilled (i dont think we ever went there and actually watched a movie). We were in that bookstore place (can't remember the name, i think its nu metro) and just chilled. Then this wierd, unkept looking guy walked up to us and started yarning some kind things. To be very honest, the dude kinda scared me. We kept on giving hints that we wanted to walk away by saying things like "we have to go now", but the dude kept on talking like we never said anything. Then, NEPA or PC whatever they are calling themselves struck and took the light. So we were stuck with this wierd dude in the dark. My friend kept nudging my painfully indicating that we should leave, but i was holding a book about pregnancy that i got from a stand right next to me (don't ask me why i was holding a book about pregnancy). For some reason, my brain was more preoccupied about returning the book to its rightful place than in escaping before the wierd dude did something. I was also afraid that in escaping, we would knock him or some kind of book stand over. Then, when i finally gave up and dropped the book on the floor, the dude suddenly spoke and said "i hope you guys are not trying to run away from me" in the pitch darkness. At that moment, i was scared stiff. Luckily, the light came back on. I feigned a phone call from an imaginary friend that had come to pick us up, and thats how we escaped.

I took her round DC. It was so much fun! We went into a lot of museums (i'll put up pics if i can). Can you imagine, in the art museum, there was thing one "painting" that looked like the thing my baby cousin did yesterday. I was to pieces of wood, one painted blue, and the other painted white. Biko, can't any human being go to home depot, by the plywood and paint and do that at home? Here's a photo of what i am talking about:
Meanwhile, someone has made possibly thousands off that. Oh well, i will try not to hate. We also went to the african history museum, were i was shocked to tears to see a sculpture made out of the bottoms of peak and three crowns evaporated milk cans. If you want to see it, the museum is on independence ave, near the smithsonian castle, and its in the el anatsiu exhibit.

Unfortunately, when we got to georgetown, it started raining cats and dogs, so we decided to head home. All in all, a fun day!

So who can volunteer to show me how y'all have fun up here? Let me see if y'all can do it the way we do down south! :D LOL have a great weekend y'all. Muahz!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok, so i was bullied by unwritten into update :) ( you know i luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve you). Anyhoo, i decided to yarn a lil bit, starting with the meme shalewa tagged me to a couple weeks ago.

The rules:
1. Link the person(S) who tagged you to this post:Shalewa
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

1. I love cleaning my ears. The feel of q tips in my ears soothe me. I actually looks forward to it sometimes.

2. I don't like people in my room that much. I don't like when people enter my room without telling me. It makes me feel violated. I guess i am just really protective over my territory. Just the thought of someone entering my room without telling me, even if they didn't take anything, makes me mad.

3. I enjoy driving on campus and blasting naija songs like gongo aso, just see the shocked looks on people's faces.

4. I don't know if i'd call this a quirk, but i thought i'd add it anyway.I rarely miss people. Now, its not like i don't miss my friends and stuff, but when i here other females talk about how they miss their friends and family, i just don't feel that intensity. Sure, i'd like to see some of my friends, but not that bad. But oh well.

5. I don't like teddy bears. Now, i think they make a cute gift and all, but i just don't know what to do with them. I have 3, none of which i bought. Half the time they are on the floor, and the other half they are pushed to one end of my bed. I just don't see how hugging a bear helps me sleep (well actually, it helped me once when i had a tummy ache, but hugging my bible has the same effect).

6. When i was in high school, my skin got very reactive in the sense that if someone would touch me, my skin would swell up and i would have this horrible burning sensation. My mom and i tried all sorts of things, but nothing helped it. After being that way for over 5 years, i finally went to see a doctor. After examining me, he asked my mom a series of questions. He asked her what kind of sponges and soaps she used on me when i was younger, and she responded. Finally, the doctor said "Madam, due to the harsh disinfectant soaps you used on your daughter when she was young (e.g dettol) and the aggressive scrubbing with hard sponges, the natural protective barrier on her skin has worn off, which is why she is having such reactions." So, thanks to my mom's desire for me to be clean, i could only use baby soap for 3 years. Thanks mom.

Ok, i'm done. I hereby tag unwritten, folayemi, bumight, ladi, lg and charizard.

I'll blog about my finals and last weekend soon :) See y'all soon!

PS: Imma be in the MD area, so all my peeps over there, STAND UP!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Incest Anyone?

Sorry for the gross title, but thats what came to my mind. I have finals coming up, as most people do, and thats why i have been off for a while. I miss all my lovies on here! *sniff* (i don't know why i am sniffing oh, i am not the cry cry sort. but i digress)

Imma keep this short and sweet. Please give me your opinions on the following news items(which i am sure y'all have heard)

1. Man in Austria found to have kept daughter imprisoned in basement for 24 years, and fathered 7 children with her. Wife did not know of such activities.

2. People, i had actually posted something else entirely different here, but something just happened to me literally 2 mins ago, and my first thought was: I HAVE TO SHARE THIS WITH MY BLOGSVILLE PEEPS!!! so i got up, turned on my laptop, and here i am.

So here the story goes: I was talking to my friend about some african american dude and then my phone started buzzing. At first i thought it was a former crush of mine (explanation will follow another day), but then i saw it was a nigerian number. So i told my friend to hold on and then i looked at the number. I did not recognise it, and it was an econet number


Me: Hello?

Caller: Hello.


Me: Hello?

Caller: Hello, how are you?

Me: I am fine.


Caller: How are you?

Me: I am fine. I am sorry, i don't know who this is.

Caller: You don't know who this is? Ok, this is felix

Me: Felix?

Caller: Yes, felix

Me: I am sorry, i don't know who this is

(meanwhile, i am trying to figure out if my mom has given another pastor my number to call me in the middle of the night and pray. i will also want to talk about that another day)

Caller: Eh? ok. When are you coming back? (to nigeria)


Me: I am sorry, i don't know this is, so i cannot share that information with you


Caller: Don't worry. I know you are not married and i like you very much


Caller: So how is everybody

At this point, i promptly cut the line, because i did not understand what was going on. I still don't.

Shalewa hon, i will respond to your tag soon, by the grace of God . Hope you are doing good!

As for all other homies on blogsville, have a fantastic weekend (it is almost here!!!) and those who have exams, GOODLUCK, GOD WILL SEE US THROUGH!!!!! :)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, i went on Ladi's page, and the first thing i saw was BITE ME and this threw me back a lil....


Meanwhile, thanks for all the feedback about El Creepo (see previous post). I just love y'all to death! Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Love, Honeywell (why on God green earth did i pick the name honeywell????)

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

I have finally found some 5 mins to myself so i can blog. Sorry for not updating for so long, y'all know how college life can get! With crunch time coming, i am thankful, because i know the Lord is my strength.

What do i want to blog about? The shortest tale i can think of right now: My experience last friday.

So, on saturday april 12th, I and some othe girls threw a suprise birthday party for a friend of mine. Unfortunately, people kept going "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSH!!" so much that she heard us from downstairs when she got to the house with her bf. Don't you just love africans.

Anyhoo, it was nice, until the police came :( After they came the first time, we continued... Until they came back and threatened arrest.... i found my square root sharply after that.

The next day, i was chilling with a friend after work. Her name is mimi for now. We had the sudden urge to go out to eat, and she wanted to go to Olive Garden (which i am not too keen on, personally). So she called up this guy and we arranged to go. The dude, whom i will call Joseph, said he would bring a friend. Cool.

When he came to pick us up, i swooned as per usual. You see, i am in love with the 2007 abi 2008 toyota camry. But i digress. We got to the restaurant, and i realised that his friend looked familiar to me, but i couldn't place the face. Dinner was nice, and the night ended.

On tuesday last week, mimi calls me and tells me that Joseph has been bugging her because his friend, whom i will call Danjuma has been asking if i have a bf. At that minute, my phone started ringing, so i told her i would call her back. So i picked up the phone.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello, is this honeywell?
Me: Yes, who is this please?
Caller: *laughing*
Don't you recognise my voice?
Me: No..... *If i did, i wouldn't be asing questions now would i?*
Caller: Are you sure?
Me: Please who is this
Caller: *Laughing* ok ok, this is the police. There was an incident reported last saturday, and we need you to come down to the station
Me: Ok, seriously, who is this
Caller: *laughing hysterically* ok ok this is danjuma.

To say i was irritated is an understatement.
I didn't talk to him for long, and then i dropped the phone. After that day, we would text back and forth, no big deal. Then on wednesday, he starts sending me texts asking if we talk. I told him no, because i was at work, plus i had a lot of school work. He then sends me this text asking me if we could hang out that night. It was 9pm. I lost service, so i didn't reply.
When i got home at 10pm, he called me, and said he was on his way to my house. I thought he was joking , but he was serious. Please, is it wrong for me to think it inappropriate on his part for him to think that i would follow him to his house, A GUY I BARELY KNOW?????
I mean, over the past couple days, i had only sent him 5 texts, most of which said nothing tangible. Maybe i am just old fashioned (wow, old fashioned at my young age).
Anyhoo, i told him i can't go anywhere because i have a paper to finish. Then he starts getting mad and starts whining about how he was already on his way and stuff. Biko (please), how is that my problem? Did i ask you to come? I apologised as calmly as i could, but explained to him that it was his fault because i never replied his text or told him he could come. That one ended.

Then on friday, The forbidden kingdom came out in theatres. You know, the movie with Jackie Chan and Jet li? Anyway, mimi wanted me to go and see it with her. So after work, we went with danjuma. Joseph met us there. After getting some coffee (i was dead tired, it was 10pm), we walked into the movie theatre. It was packed. Mimi and joseph sat 2 rows behind me, and danjuma and i sat down together. As the movie started, i got comfy and munched on my cheesecake. The movie was funny, and i was soon laughing my tiredness away. I then noticed that danjuma had lifted up the cup holder seperating both seats. I thought nothing of it, assuming he was uncomfortable. We continued watching the movie. All of a sudden, his arm goes round my shoulder and he forces me close to him. I turned in shock, and he gave me this leery look. I honestly was about to puke up my cheesecake. I pulled away and leaned away from him, even though his arm was still around my shoulder.

Then, after some minutes, i feel his fingers stroking me. I immediately got the sensation i dare say women feel when they are about to get raped. I looked around, no one was paying attention. He did it again. I said nothing. Then his hands began to move. At that point, i immediately got up and walked to the back, leaving my stuff there. I crouched beside mimi and begged joseph to switch seats with me, promising to explain later. Mimi was worried, because i was shaking. I was vvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery angry. Joseph, after much cajoling, agreed. As i sat, mimi asked me what happened, and i told her. I know this might sound like i overreacted, but c'mon. I don't even LIKE this guy. His presence, even before this, irritated the heck out of me. Plus, as he started stroking me, i remembered where i had met him before. He was at my friend's suprise bday party. He was the wierd guy that kept staring at me in a irritatingly lusty manner (Not the let-me-undress-you-look, but the i-have-just-escaped-from-prison-need-to-sleep-with-anything-in -skirt look). And that fact that he BARELY knows me, and felt like he had a right to touch me.... *shivers* Just thinking back to that day makes me get extremely nauseous and angry. After the movie, i immediately told him "sorry for the way i left, you made me feel uncomfortable. Mimi said even though i said that, my eyes said "If i slap you eh? Which kind liver you get? If you dare touch me next time, you won't be able to have children OR have sex again, period."

Don't know when next i will update, but i hope y'all have a good week!! For those in college, its crunch time huh? May we all pass our finals, AMEN!

Love, Honeywell

Monday, April 7, 2008


Mehn, i have not written anything about my life for a while.. thats because i have been so dang busy!

Ok, lemme see.... i am still looking for a car oh, and i really need help finding a used one that is in good shape and not too expensive... i really need suggestions... i really want a toyota, and i sure as heck don't want a ford aka Found On Road Dead.... mbanu.

So, of course i have to talk about a man... :) There is this dude i am sorta interested in..... We have been sending each other signals since last semester, but nothing has happened yet.... He started to irritate me cuz i was wondering what all the shady stuff was about, so i stopped paying him any attention.

So in the last weekend of march, my friend told me he was having a bbq. I was working, but when i got off i found out it was just starting (see african people oh, the dude said the bbq will start at 3, and i got there 5.30pm. Oh well). So i walked up, said hi to all my friends, saw the dude that took me out to dinner and felt bashful for a sec (i'll talk about that later), and walked towards my friends from mali at the table. The weather nice and the park was beautiful, so i was feeling pretty good. Then i look up and there he is, sitting across from me by himself eating. Our eyes locked, and i swear it was like someone slowly took their hand down my spine...........

I had to get me some food right? He happened to be sitting at the table were all the plates and stuff were, so i went over there, but i did not look at him at all. I grabbed my plate and got some food. All of a sudden, someone grabs me from behind and hugs me. Now, ladies in the house, this dude is fit, as in, ripplin muscles (ok not that bad) but he looks good without a shirt :) (Lord forgive me for lusting). Anyway, he sha told me wassup. To cut a long story short, we had an unexpectedly long convo were i basically called him out for his BS and shadiness and all... not knowing i confused the poor guy so he did not know to toast me anymore... :) However, he told me that he did not know how to come at me because many guys had told him to back off because they were talking to me. All the while, i kept looking into this guy's eyes... Now, i know it sounds corny, but he has such beautiful brown eyes.. and the way he looks at you, like he is looking right into your soul, with his ever so slight arrogant half smile.......

Urm, what was i saying? Oh yeah, the guy

NO ONE (not here anyway) is talking to me. Apparently i found out that there is some kind of who-gets-to-ask-me-out-first thing going on (maybe its cuz my bros are graduating that these boys are now having liver). Oh well. We now talk more often, but he is in NY now :(

Now to other things. Please people let me know what you think concerning my previous post about Obama's pastor.... I don't know why they are suffering the dude like this mehn....

Yesterday i was talking to a friend of mine who was having issues with some dude (figures). I told her to cut the guy off, but she doesn't want to because other than the fact that they really like each other, they are really good friends. The guy has sha been enjoying free benefits from her over the past 1 year, even though he is dating someone else. Please, if a guy cannot leave his gf for you, that should be your cue to start walking. Like seriously. It will be hard-Yes. Especially if you are friends-undoubtably. But sometimes in life we just do what we have to do for our own sanity. I feel her pain though. I had to let go of a friendship i cherished as well, and talking to her about her probs brought that back to me. I haven't thought about it in a while, but i realised i kinda missed the friendship, but i am still grateful to God and myself for the decision i made to let go, because i have experienced God's peace so much since then.

i want to talk about another friend of mine. Y'all might remember him as Loverboi. Yes, Loverboi is still in my life.... Even though i decided not to go out with him, we are still good friends. So he liked this one white chick yeah, and they had been talking for a while now. He told me last friday that he was thinking of asking her out to the movies on sunday (yesterday). I told him to go ahead and let me know what happened. As in, this guy is the sweetest person i know, always willing to go the extra mile for you, and i figured the girl was lucky to have him. Only for him to call me and tell me some ish went down, and that the girl is no longer talking to him. Apparently, when he was in the gym on sat, she was there, but he did not say hi to her, and therefore she got mad and said she is getting back with her ex and does not want to speak to him again. Intriguing.

Please if anyone can help me understand her reaction, please hit me up. Note that he didnt say hi because his friend was talking to him, and when he was done, she was gone.

What else? I have so many things i want to talk about, but i am such a lazy typer.... I am already tired of typing.... Went out last saturday for my friend's birthday. I danced to 3 songs, spent half my time outside mad as hell because my friend went back to pick some peeps only to get lost after i had given her directions... the people she went to pick had their own car oh, so i don't know why she wasted gas going all the way back like a driver.... anyway, the people she did all this sufferhead for ended up going to another club, not the one we were at. So after spending all the time being mad outside, by the time she finally came, it was almost 1.30am, and they were only playing Techno. I don't do techno.

Had to run a marathon 8am sat. and pay $15 all to get 5 extra points in one class i am taking... what i won't do for school.. *sigh* as tiny as i am, i thank God i did not disappear after running mehn... Plus mumu (idiot) like me, i did not know it was cold, so i was wearing shorts and a tshirt in 53 degree weather to run... smart huh?

I have also officially admitted to myself that i find confidence almost bordering on arrogance extremely sexy in guys... Or a guy that knows how to dress... i was in Dillards on sat, and i saw this sales associate... He was perfectly dressed, from the D&G prescription glasses, to the dress shirt, tie and vest, to the well tailored pants and shoes..... lawd..... He was even short, but the way he dressed made of for everything in else in my eyes anyway..

Lastly, has anyone heard from Paradigm? For some wierd reason, i am worried about her.... Wherever you are, i hope your silence is an indication of good things happening in your life oh.....

What's been going on with y'all so far? I see JT is still spouting the gospel of relationships without telling us anything about his personal relationships.... Afrobabe is crazy as ever......Jaycee is inspiring as ever (that girl has got an awesome gift), bumight is keeping me laughing, Unwritten is almost like my mirror image, its scary... And everyone else on blogsville, have an awesome week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Barack Obama/ Rev Wright fiasco

I was about to go and make some eba and egusi to eat. I put on the Fox news channel, and i heard something that made me mad.

This woman, whose name i will look up later, was interviewing another lady about some other pastor who was defending Rev Wright's comments. For those that do not know what i am talking about, Rev. Wright is the barack's pastor. He made some comments regarding the white race, as well as hillary and some other stuff. The media has refused to let this matter die. But what irritated me to the core was what i heard on tv less than a minute ago.

This white lady and starts talking derisively about rev. wright and the dude that was defending him. She said that people who are defending rev. wright are saying they should put what he said in context, and that where is the context? That if we people would give them context, they would look at it. The woman (interviewer) said the comments made by rev. wright were sacry. People have even called him a racist and unamerican.


Now, even though i have not been in this country long, being in the south has given me a pretty good feel of what black people back in the day went through. So who the heck is this lady to come and tell rev. wright and black people in general to be quiet? Now, i am not saying that rev. wright did not say some things that were just wrong, i just don't see why people get so testy when people speak their mind frankly. Honestly, i don't think people would be this riled up if he used "political correctness". What do i mean by this? If he used words such as "upper class caucasians" versus "rich white folk" and "upper class people may rule the economy to some extent" versus "rich white folk rule america", people may not be as riled up.

This is my thing. I don't see why white people should so offended when a black person vents the anger they might have from how they were treated in the past. After all, rev. wright lived through the racist times (which have not ended, btw), so even though he is a man of the cloth, he is still, fundamentally, A MAN. A man who went through lynching, amongst other things. Why should he be condenmed for saying how he feels? Why can't freedom of speech apply to him??
Once again, i am not condoning what he said. I am simply aggravated that some young caucasian is getting on her high horse and talking derisively because someone expressed a pain she knows nothing about.

Consider this: When jewish people get slandered in the media (i forgot who did it, some actor), people get all riled up against the actor and force an apology. When a white guy calls a female a "nappy headed whore", people get all riled up and demand an apology. But when a black men says something that makes the white folk uncomfortable, they attack him and call him unamerican. Interesting.

Now, on a different outlook, something else is shocking about this whole thing. Where are the black people? You see, the man i spoke about above, the one defending rev. wright? He's white. Why is a white guy taking the heat for the defending a black man? Don't get me wrong, i am happy that he is crossing racial barriers and doing this, but where are the black people? Why isn't any black person defending this reverend?? I find it somewhat disappointing that once again, black people have watched their own get shot in the media, and do nothing about it.

Thanks to all those who commented on my previous blogs!! I found some stuff people said to be very interesting.. Hope y'all have a great weekend!! Thank God its thursday!

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is for the Africans and African Americans

I will respond to the previous post shortly. But i was suddenly struck by this question and i want real opinions on this.

How come african (nigerian) girls usually only date within their own group (african/nigerian) while african (nigerian) men can date women from wherever?

Also, someone asked me today whether i have ever dated an african american and whether i would. Here is my honest opinion: When i look at/see african americans guys, i feel MOST of them (not all, i stress, not all) don't give their women the respect they deserve, or at least the level of respect i desire. What more an outsider (african)? In predominantly black schools, i have noticed that the africans and african americans mix well. Why is this not the case in other schools? Do nigerians do things that set them apart, or do they tend to keep to themselves?

Now, before i am asked, i will respond to the first question. All i can say is, after being here for a while, i just seem to be attracted to nigerian guys. Can't help it. I might see an african american boy that is to die for, talk to him, flirt with him, but come rain or snow, if a good looking nigerian boy talks to me, i am more likely to go with him. Why is that?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Guys, would you rather hot girl ask you out, or you ask the hot girl out?

I guess the title is self explanatory.
This was inspired by a blog i read. Its called For the love of me. Unfortunately, i don't know how to do that thingy that will enable you to click on that blog name and it takes you to the page. Can someone enlighten me?

Anyway, he was talking about how nigerian women are becoming more bold. I have noticed that in general, women everywhere over the past 2 decades have become bold. Maybe its my upbringing, or the country that i am from,or my culture, but something about a girl toasting (hollering) at a guy just does not sit well with me. I rather the guy chase the girl, not the other way round. Or maybe i just old school (which would be wierd, since i am still really young).

So what do Y'all think? All things being equal, would you rather a girl toast(holla) a guy, or a guy toast a girl?

Frat Party/ Car help

See me see wahala oh!

Ok, so last weekend, at noon, i met my friend at some event. I had been waiting for her earlier outside, and i was given an invitation for one party like this. I always get this info, but i never go. Being the workaholic that i am, i rather go to work and make the money and come home and sleep than go out. But something in me screamed "WOO HOO, BOOGIE TIME!"

Anyway, i told my friend about it. She was like "do you want to go?" and i gave a charming smile. She sighed and agreed.

At seven pm, i got off work. I didn't even study at work, because my friend was there all through, telling me about her man probs (i swear its like there is an invisible sign on my forehead saying "BOYFRIEND/MALE FRIEND GIST WAHALA DEPOSIT, X MARKS THE SPOT" in neon lights or something). Anyhoo, i carried my 2 left legs to my house, regretting why i did not study. Called my friend, and she told me to be ready for 10pm. I was like no shaking.

9.30pm i was done eating rice and stew with buttered veggies and chicken (mmmmm). Got upstairs and started my ritual. You see, i can't get ready for a party without blasting musci while i am getting dressed. Hopped into the shower, with usher's make love in the club blasting. I dance so much in the shower, i almost broke it once. i need a bigger one. Anyway, i got out, and i had no clue what to wear!!!!!!!! i finally decided on something. I wore a seagreen tube top that hugged my small waist and accentuated my "girls" without being overtly sexy (as you can probably tell from the design of my blog, i believe solely in the subtle, sophistcated sexy), skinny jeans and these killer shoes i just got. I slipped on my bling and waited for my friend.

Fastforward to the party. Seeing as i am an honorary soror of SGRho, i got in for greek price. We got in, and my girls started strutting. I got a barcadi silver (i actually don't drink, honest. i just like something to hold in my hands). After like an hour or 2, my friends were standing on the platform. I told them i wanted to be in the middle of the action, so i went down to the dancefloor, right where the Q's (Omega's) where strutting as per usual. So, there i was, minding my own business, when one of the guys in their line, while dancing, suddenly turned towards me and planted his mouth on my chest.

No, he did not hit my boob. He was closer to my collar bone. Its like time froze for me. Shock gave way to horror, and then to pissed-offness. Who was this random dude, planting his viral infected tongue on my skin, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?? So, before i knew it, the nigerian in me came out. I slapped him. A hot one, right on the cheek. He pulled back in amazement. Now, the Q is the toughest (physically) frat on my campus.. Yeah, the alphas are the hottest, and the Kappas are cool, but the Q's are like animals.... they called the dogs.... and they really are that wild. All the people around me stopped dancing, and the strut line stopped abruptly. Seeing as this was my first time in a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time at such an event, i was basically like a fish outta water. But as far as i am concerned, i don't care who you are, but no one disrespects me like that. No one. Next thing, i felt hands pulling me away, and i was dragged outside.
My friend asked if i was ok, and i said yeah. Later that night, my friend asked me if i was still going to the greek stepshow the next day. Why wouldn't i go? She was like what if that guy is there?

Do i look like i care? Anyhoo, i went for the step show, and i had a ball! Oh my goodness, alpha guys are soooooooooooo hot........... i was all a-flutter during the event..... And this cute guy came and sang falsetoo by The dream..... oh boy, is it getting hot here or what? :)
But yeah, it was a fab weekend.... Oh yeah, i might be in and out of blogsville, got tons of work to do PLUS its my spring break and i am heading down to florida mehn.......

PS: Blog people, i need your help. First and foremost, thanks for all the words of encouragement. I don't pick up my ex's calls anymore. He buzzed me 5 times and called me 5 times when i was writing this, but i did not answer him. Anyway, i am looking to buy a used car, and i want something that looks fly but has excellent gas mileage (27mpg and above). I don't know much cars. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, March 16, 2008


A smile crosses her lips. She is thankful for the grace of God on her life, that she could experience this moment with no hard feelings

"I'll be leaving tomorrow. I found somewhere i could go"
"No problem. Holla at me on your way out ok?"

She nodded. Her eyes fell upon her laptop once again. Her spirit felt weak. Tired. Slightly exhausted. It had gone more miles over the past weeks and months that it had ever done. Finally sleep came and stole her away. A blessed escape.

*A Few hours ago*

Phone rings. Its stephan.
"I can come and pick you up from the station. Just take a taxi to Bloomington station, and then take a train down to Monroe. Then call me when you get there"

She sat down on the couch. How could this happen to her? Funny how plans change. Never one to focus on the present turmoil, she arose and walked out to the foyer, over to her suite. Her ever faithful laptop on, she turned on her media player and pressed play. Amy Winehouse started crooning. "Befitting song" she thought to herself, as Amy sang of her triumph over he enemies. "I know this hurt will pass, i just need to get through this and focus on my getting my paperwork"
Born in cameroun, Jasmine never thought she could miss her home in France so much. She never was excited about going there to live, but right there and then it seemed like heaven.

She packed her things, humming along to the music. She felt connected to the song, because just as Amy was told to go to rehab and said no, she felt she was being tested, like the devil was trying to push her over the cliff, but she was refusing to give in.

Phone rings. Its her friend Amina.
"Ok, so what is happening now?

"I think i am just going to go now, instead of waiting for them to come back. Its not like i care, to be honest. I just don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, no?" With her pretty french accent.

"Jasmine, its late. I can understand why you don't want to be there when they get back, but you don't even know where Monroe is. Its late, and with all your luggage, it could be dangerous. Why don't you just spend the night and leave tomorrow?"

"You have a point there. I don't feel like going out anyway, its really cold. I guess i'll just wait till tomorrow. You know, the funny thing is, i don't want to leave because she is coming, or because of any so called emotional attachment. Its the betrayal that hurts."

"Betrayal? What are you talking about?"

"I understand Santiago's reasoning, and the logic behind it. Forget all the lovey dovey ish, its the fact that the one person i felt knew me better than most people, the one person whom i trusted, is basically flinging me under the bus. But its all good. I can't say i haven't learnt my lesson."

"Jasmine, i feel you. Right now, just enter your room and sleep. By this time tomorrow, you will be far away from them. Focus on getting your stuff and coming back home"

"Alright. I'll call you if anything changes."

She looked her her luggage. She had already pulled it up beside the front door. The taxi had already been called. She wanted nothing more at the moment to leave the house. The selfishness of her friend was enough to make her vomit her insides in digust and disappointment. But, calm and poised as ever, she dragged her heavy boxes back into her new room. It felt strange but peaceful, without all the discomfort and ghosts of the room next door. And strangely enough, it was more comfortable than the bed she had been resting in and the arms she had laid her head on. The new bed felt like a lovely dose of reality, washing down on spirit, granting her peace.


The sound of plates hitting each other woke her up. Out of habit, she looked out the window. Although the apartment was lavish, it seemed to lack the ability to let sunlight in. She took it as a sign for her to leave. Tired, however, she closed her eyes, lulling herself back to sleep.
The clanging started again. Pissed, she got up and reached for her phone. It was 6.30am. Who the hell washes plates at this time? Is this some kind of punishment, or some kind of departure bell, telling her to hurry up and get the hell out of the house? The rebel in her decided to sleep for an even longer time, and decided not to rush. "After all, why should i feel uncomfortable? My wrong was in trusting a skank. Even though i have a part to play, it was a part of innocence, naivety and stupidity, so no one can say i purposely hurt anyone." On that note, she closed her eyes and slept.

5 hours later, she arose. A sense of her old self was coming back, and she loved it. She loved the fact that she was going through a situation that would break most people, but she was surviving it. She took her towel and went to the shower. Sean Kingston sounds good. Jay Z's LA LA LA (Excuse me miss again) Sounds even better. Feeling better than she had in days, she got into the shower, rapping along with the Master. She got back to the room, and got dressed. Her emotional part seemed to have departed, or frozen, or maybe she just could not give a damn either way. Off she went to the living room, remembering the thai food she left in the freezer. There was no way in hell she was going to leave it for him to eat. She turned around, and there she was. The look on her face was one that Jasmine could not really understand, but seemed closest to finely disguised annoyance. For some reason, this pleased Jasmine. Even though she had plans to take her food to the room to eat, she decided to seat right there and eat. Jasmine laughed to herself, and wondered why she loved to make people uncomfortable. The girl was on her laptop, listening to music, with the tv on. Disney channel was on. Oh my goodness, i hate cartoons, Jasmine thought to herself. The girl got up without a word, and later came back with the remote control. Jasmine murmured a thanks and changed the channel to BET.

It was time to leave. She signed out of her msn, laughing at all the curses her friend molly threw at him. Its not his fault, she told molly. Its mine for trusting him. Aren't you hurt? Molly asked. Strangely, no, Jasmine replied. The part that hurts is the fact that apparently a friendshio i thought meant a lot apparently meant nothing. Do you know that he was even willing to let me go to a motel, just not to deak with it? Molly laughed and threw some more curses. Jasmine laughed, and promised to call later. She packed up her laptop, and looked around, making sure she didn't leave anything. She didn't want to have any cause to come back, not until her document came, thats for sure. As she looked around, she felt a slight pang of pain. She knew that they would never be friends again. For a second, she wondered if this was how Jesus felt when he figured out that Judas would betray him. After a second of pondering, she looked at t he bed. Her phone was vibrating. The taxi had come. She dragged her box up the stairs and opened the front door. The sun was shining, brighter than she had ever seen it since she came to london that winter. Something whispered to her "Its all over. Peace is on the way."

The taxi guy came and helped with her bags. She saw her ex-friend's landlord walk up to the apartment. She gave him a beautiful, genuine smile. He hollered "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" She smiled again and got into the cab. The driver took off, and she never looked back.

She dragged her luggage through the station. To her amazement, no one even offered to help her with her bags. She got stares from passerbys, looks of pity, wonder and amazement. Tired and hungry, she collapsed with her bags on a seat.

2 Hours later.

"Where the hell is this guy? With my luck, he'll be an ugly leech" Jasmine thought to herself. Never one to be patient, she was getting irritated. It was almost an hour after when he was supposed to be there, and he had not come yet. He was not picking up his phone. At the height of her annoyance, she saw a young black man approach her, with a serious look on her face.
"I'm Stephan. Nice to meet you."

She could almost feel her world spin. The good times where about to roll....

To be continued (hopefully, fingers crossed)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ok people, i need your help (i can't even believe i am doing this, quite unlike me)

So, i had this dude i dated last year, for about 3 months. Things were good at first, and then stuff started going downhill. I sacrificed a lot of who i was for him, and one day i snapped out of it and broke up with him.

He would call me endlessly (as in 3 times/hour, i kid you not) until i felt so pressured, i would say yes and get back with him. We would get back for a couple days, but i would be unhappy with my decisionn and break up with him again. Finally, in october, i broke up with him for good.

Since then, he still calls me, trying to get back with me, telling me that he really loves me and all. Trying to make me feel sorry for him. But i refuse to date someone just because i feel bad for the person. We argue everytime we speak, because he doesn't know how to talk. He says some thing that get me so mad, my bad side comes out. Tonight was one of those nights. He is graduating and is going to do some work overseas. He wants us to get back together and be together even when he is far away. Bear in mind that i don't even like this guy anymore. Now, i am not heartless, i totally understand how he feels, and it sucks to love someone and they don't love you back. But my ethics will not allow to date someone if i don't have genuine feelings for them. For the past 5 months, this guy has done everything to get me back, and its only by the grace of God that i have not yielded to the pressure. I have tried everything i can to convince this guy that i dont want to get back with him, but to no avail. Tonight, i decided to forget tact and tell him straight up i don't love him anymore, and i don't have the emotional energy to build anything with him. I am still young, so its not like i am at the age where i have to get married quickly. I hate to say this, but its not my fault that when i had feelings, albeit misguided ones, he was an absolute jerk to me. So when i told him that i didn't think it was a good idea we get back, he started telling me that what i am doing is not fair, and that i am full of myself. He also said, when i told him that i know what i want, and that we are not just compatible and we don't click the way i would want, he started asking me am i God? that why am i acting as if i am God, after all, only God knows what is good for me (implying that God would want him in my life). That got me irritated. I mean, why drag God into this? What more, why manipulate the name of God to get what you want? He also went on to say that i don't know what i am doing. I started getting mad, and i dropped the phone (thats damage control for me: i'd rather drop the phone than say something mean). When he called back, i apologised, and then he started saying that he knows my strategy is to get us to quarrell everytime we talk, so that i can now have something to stand on when i say we are not compatible, that i don't know what i want, and i am just basically being a mean person. Right now i am pissed beyond compare. Irritatingly enough, this is not the first, 5th, or 10th time this is happening. He always does this. Always. And it always makes me mad. I realise it was a mistake dating him, and i don't want to go back to that. I have deleted him from my msn before, and even from my facebook. If i decide not to pick his calls, he simply keeps calling and calling and calling and calling and calling.... especiallyat like 7am.... AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!


This is not all... we have had some serious arguments in the past.....he has called me a slut, a cheat, treats me like i am a 5 year old that has no clue as to what the world is about (even though he is only 3 years older than me).. oh shit, he is calling me back again........

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I am sorry if i come off as arrogant, but what can i say, i love myself... :0)
Did you know that honeywell=fabulous?

International week ended today with out international dinner and ball.... after my driving up and down town, running here and there, the week is finally over... and i had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

So our dinner and ball was tonight.... started at 7pm......but because i was still busy making sure that everything was ok, i didn't get a chance to go home and change till like 8pm. Grabbed my friend and ran home like an idiot. Got into the shower, with some loud music, and then they stated playing my song falsetto my the dream.......

My my my, tempation already?

I sha got ready finally. My friends were getting very impatient, waiting for me in the car. As i walked up to the car, my girls started screaming. Ah, gotta love em :)

Did i mention i randomly asked this one one guy from a neighbouring school last week to be my date? Anyhoo. i got there. 5 hot, and sexy girls, walking into an occasion like that, can i hear someone say SHOWSTOPPING??

After being mauled by paprazzi, i finally got a chane to get in. Said hi to my friends, and grabbed my plate and attacke the food display. It was almost all gone! *sob* On my way there, i saw my friend from another school. I will call him dancer. So i didn't say anything, simply walked past. Walked past again. Then the 3rd time, i was like "hey dancer!"
And walked away. :)

After chilling and eating for a lil bit, i took more pics, and then the dancing started. My fave part! :) With my heels and FABULOUS DRESS, i took to the dance floor to show the poor fellows how its done.

I will highlight only a couple events from the night, cuz i have to get into bed. :)
My date arrived. I have to say, he looked good. I will call him Q. My close friend M has been trying to hook me up with Q, but he is too quiet for me, unfortunately... I am a lively child, i need a lively person... but she keeps insisting that we are perfect for each other.
So i went back and forth between the dance floor, my friends, and my date. I even saw this one guy who kept bugging me at a nigerian independence party last year. I gave him some number, thinking i'd never see him again, only to see him again. I didn't even recognise him. I just walked past, and someone caught me by my arm.

Dude: Honeywell
H: Do i know you?
Dude: I am that guy from the party last year, remember? You gave me a fake number
H: *Lord have mercy* Ok, i will be right back alright?

Of course i dodged him for the rest of the night.

So as for dancer... hmm, funny enough, we only see ourselves about twice a year... but whenever i see him, i develop a slight crush... which lasts for about a week or 2, and then its gone.... now, he's not fine or anything, but i love his character mehn..... but moving on..... So he called me over, and started talking about how i owe him a dance from last year's international dinner and ball (which was this time last year). From arguing about who is better, we started talking. After a while, to escape the loud music, we went outside to talk. He took off his jacket and gave it to me. We took a stroll, and sat down by the lake. It was like 12.30am. So we kept on talking, random stuff from his relationship to my ex to internships to viagra........ Anyway, his boys called him and said they were heading back for their school..... I went back in, feeling bad because i had not given my president's speech, when i heard the annoucement...

"And the best dressed couple is........Honeywell and Q!!!"
Yes people, yours truly was the best dressed.... what can i say, i am fierce...... :)
I felt bad though, because i had not spent quality time with my date... oh well.....
one of my other male friends from the other school dragged me and we danced..... then it was time for them to go :(

Walked them outside, while my male friend, Q, and dancer struggled to take pics with me. Then, out of desire to win the competition, dancer carried me in his arms... we looked so cute... :) he carried me all the way outside....long story short, they left.

Now, there is this boy i met 2 years ago, summer 2006.... we had this awesome chemistry... like, we would be in the same room, and the stirrings of desire would be so strong, other people could feel it, without both if us even being near each other... Now people, get your minds out of the gutter.. nothing happened between us, not even a kiss.... upon all the desire and chemistry, i didn't want anything to have to do with him.... I remember one night, he drove up 2 hours to my house, and i left on purpose just before he came... he kept begging to see me, but i said no..... Now back to the present. I was eating jejely, minding my own business and laughing with friends, when i turned around, AND THERE HE WAS. I sha ignored him the whole night and stayed out of his way..... I don't want wahala.....

Let me see, what else happened? I danced my socks off.....Which is what i am known for anyway....oh yeah, the guy that has been playing mind games with me, the one that kissed me? He came like an hour to the end of the whole thing... kept circling my perimeter, waiting for me to say wassup..... like really, if you have something to say, just say it.... all dem games make me tired... so i didn't even bother saying anything to him..schew...

OOOOOOOOOO, dancer is calling me.... goodnight y'all.. :)


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stuff spewing from my brain at 1.00am

So, international week is finallt here...... After all the wahala... its not over though, but so far, it has been awesome! thank you God...
The Pageant was AWESOME! Miss Nigeria was first runner up, and Miss Mexico won... i can't be mad, miss mexico did good... all the girl were beautiful....I'll post some pics soon when i get a breather... moving on.

Had to present a visual argument today. You read right: i said visual argument. What the heck is that, you ask? I don't know either. But i sha did it today. I argued (visually, i guess) against cosmetic plastic surgery in female teen.... that ish pisses me off... at least wait for God to do his work, or mother nature, or whatever you believe in (scientology, whatever) before you put silicon in there for crissakes..... nonsense. Before i started the powerpoint, i forgot to change my desktop pic. The thing is, my desktop pic is that guy, the main actor and my boo, in the movie Stomp The Yard.... So you can imagine the reaction i got when i hooked up my laptop to the projector..... but my class already knows i am crazy, so it was a normal thing to happen, coming from me.....

I remembered today something i wanted to post a while back..... see what happened to my friend oh..... to place things in context, she was sleeping, and it was like 4am in Silver Springs, Maryland, USA.

*Phone rings*
Nigerian number appears on the phone
Friend: *grumbles* Hello?
Negro: MONIKA? (In thick igbo accent)
Friend: Hello?
Negro: Monica? Monica?
Friend: I am sorry, you have the wrong number.

*Phone rings*
Friend: Hello?
Negro: Monica?
Friend: You have the wrong number.
Negro: Please i am looking for my sister Monica
Friend: I don't know any Monica
Negro: Please sister you have to help me. I am looking for my sister Monica. My name is Onyeka.
Friend: I don't know any Monica. Goodnight.

Friend drops phone.

*phone rings*

The next day we saw that he left a voicemail, because she didn't pick up the last time. As we were listening to it, he calls.
Friend: Hello?
Negro: Ah ah, sister, you don't have to behave like that now. Why can't we be friends?
Friend: I thought you were looking for your sister
Negro: Why can't we be friends? I like you. Its not like that now....

I don't know what trash can they are breeding these children from. Like seriously, what was that all about?

I applied for internships in john hopkins and NYU. Was rejected. I aint mad. They sent me a nice rejection letter, with their credentials at the bottom. I replied, telling them that they should notify me when a slot is available. On a rebellious note, i also included, and i quote, "I possess an excellent mind and a strong work ethic, and i believe your program needs me. I am an asset that is worth investing in" And then i signed it like so:
International Student Council

Na only them wet get credential? Schew........ :)

Some dude i randomly flirted with some weeks ago has been playing mind games with me...... who sent me message? One day i was sleeping and he starts texting me around 2am on friday night, giving me some kind yarns about wanting to see me...... see me seee wahala oh, i have now become a member of Booty Calls Association Of America abi? Schew....... Rule #1: If we are not a friendship terms aka you don't know me a lil bit, call me during the day, especially if you are a guy. Now, i don't object to being called at night..... but when you call me ONLYafter 1am, telling me ish, i find that disrespectful..... if you don't want to get to know me while the sun is shining, don't think i will give you that priviledge in the middle of the night.... i now saw the dude during the rehearsal for the pageant last sunday....... i was dressed nicely (as always lol) and just kept staring..... he kept waiting for me to come and say hi, so i did, and he kissed me on the cheek. Now, i wouldn't care if we were french, but we are nigerians for crissakes. NO need to do that... unless he wanted to kiss me, of course.... ;)

Ok, now i am going to sleep... Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amarula Cream: Africa.

Africa, oh Africa
When will you recognise your riches?
When will you obtain self worth?
When will my people stop fighting each other?

Day after Day
Stories of bloodthirsty gun-handling kids shattering eardrums
Tales of women and children being raped pierces my heart
When willing people realise the foolhardiness in giving into the greed of the White Man?
But our own self destruction in itself is rooted in greed
The same greed brought on boats
Sailing in from miles away
Passed to my once peaceful people by the thrash of the whip and Darwin's Survival of the Fittest Theory
That same greed is what has caused father to rape daughter
Father to sell Son
Father to kill Mother.

My heart bleeds for you, Oh Africa
You are so blessed!
Enriched and fortified with treasures get to be named or discovered
Bounteous crops that feed the world
If you did not exist, Africa,
There would be no Kay's Jewellers.
There would be no Starbucks or Tim Hortons
There will be no Manolos or Leather Jackets
Chic fur
Hugo Boss cologne
And a lot more

You, my mother, have been robbed
Been robbed for centuries
But not with arms
But with a smooth tongue whose words you cannot decipher
But sounds slightly appealing to the ear
A smiling face you instantly trust because of naivety
Naivety born out of never encountering such ruthlessness.
So instead, you turn your frustration to your children
Your children kill themselves inorder to appease the Light Skinned unfamiliar (familiar?) fellows.
We beat up on each other because some are lighter skinned that us
We hate each other because Kenya cannot understand Igbo
Instead of us to rise up to our full potential

The world perpetuates hate amongst us
Because the world is terrified of what will happen
When Africa awakens from its deadened slumber
After all, my friends, pause and consider with me for a second
Is England not but an island?
Is America not but a huge landmass with cotton, COTTON, its only major export?
Do we not have the means?
Do we not have the resources?

Look at our fellow Man
The Chinese Man
Laughed at in high school for being nerdy
Ignored in college for being introverted
Is his economy not the fastest growing economy?
Is his brother not on your block, offering General Tao Chicken with a drink for $8.99?

The world marvels at their growth
My friends, do not be decieved.
For what the Chinese Man discovered is the true source of success?

I imagine an Africa with no war
No strife
No corruption
Nothing but peace
Will you agree with me that then,
and only then,
Will we be the greatest people on Earth?