Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Great Pull.

I came across this a long time ago, probably early last year....... I have not looked at it in a while, but i came across it again today. I think this woman is very talented, and what she speaks on relates to every african who is not living in their home country right now. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I was Hit On.

Now, there is nothing extraordinary about this. Girls get hit on all the time. This situation, however, varied from the norm for me.

You see, i was hit on by a girl.
These are trying times, i must say.

So i am at work, chilling, trying to get some studying done. "Nutrition keystone #4: Blah blah blah..........."
I just wanted some damn nutrition. I had eaten just a bowl of Cheerios all day, and all this talk of carbohydrates and proteins was making me hungry.

In walks this girl into the dorm. Big boned looking fella. I think i have seen her at a game before, she's probably on the school band. She was carrying a lot of stuff, probably coming back to school after going home for the weekend.

She waved to me rather enthusiastically, and i thought it was strange (PS: excessive merriment makes me cranky) but i waved backed anyway, smiles and all. She wandered away from the lobby into the hallway. I went back to my books.

Phytochemicals are chemical substances that have no nutrient or caloric value but have......

"Excuse me."

I look up from my book, and there she is in a tank top and shorts. Normal.


"Could you help me unhook my bra?"

Not normal.

"HUH?" My friends tell me i have a wierd habit of hearing off point sometimes. When my friend told me she thought her dad had cancer, i thought she said her dad had a blowjob. So i obviously assumed my ears were acting up.

"Can you help me unhook my bra?"

So you came all the way downstairs to the lobby for this? Hmm.

I helped her out, and she left. No wahala.

Estimated average requirements are estimates of the intake of a......

"Excuse me."


I look up, and she's there again, this time giving me a strange look.
"Can i help you with something?"
Now isn't that one of the stupidest things i have ever said.

"How long are you going to be here?"

"Till 5" i replied.

"Where do you live?"

"In breaux bridge"

That's a bloody lie, i stay 5 mins away from campus, not 5 towns away. I hate when random people ask me private questions like that. The same fear of stepping on money on the floor in nigeria lest i turn into yam enters me when people do that.

"I was just wondering what you like to do for fun"

"I personally like to sleep"
Ok, i made a typo earlier. I just said the stupidest thing ever.

"OOOO." She says, and then she starts rubbing her boobs against the desk.

"Urm, yeah."

"So would you like to hang out afterwards with me?"

"I'm sorry, i'm not feeling too well, i need to go home and take my medication"

"Aw, boo, i'm sorry" She cooed. "I can take care of you. You can come to my room at 5 when you get off work, and i'll put you at ease"

Then she comes around the desk and starts rubbing my back.
"Boy aint you a cutie"

The front door opens and we both look at who came in. A girl with blond hair and purple stripes stood there, a single tear running down her delicate and yet slightly odd face.

"Baby, i wasn't doing anything, i was just talking to the worker"
"baby please, lets just talk about it....."

I knew i should have called in sick today.

Promised gist continued.

Certain people, whose name i shall refrain from mentioning (*cough cough paradigm cough*) have forced me off my sick bed to continue this saga. I can't comment on the post prior to this, but will continue my promised gist.

The whole crew gathered in FB's house. Everyone was hungry, and so the girls were bullied into cooking. I managed to sweet talk my way out of it though, so Crazy and Zanzibar were stuck with it. FB kept on kidding with crazy, and we kept teasing zanzibar about some boy that she supposedly likes.
With chief and fb's brother chilling in another room, loverboi announced that he was leaving to go and pick up his friend that was coming down to spend some time with him. The rest of us curled up and watched a nigerian movie.
Loverboi bursts in
"S*** its cold! S*** S*** S***"
He curses a lot.
Stomped all over the welcome carpet with his tims, and then dragged in a befuddled character. "Yo, guys, this is my friend ola"
Fb came out with some alcohol, and everyone just chilled. The nigerian movie had finished. Zanzibar started singing "Lets go clubbing, lets go clubbing". Poor girl. She didn't get her wish though. Fb and ola drank some, and then forced loverboi to drink (he doesn't drink). I just satback, watching the whole thing. Immediately he drank, zanzibar was on his behind, harassing him for drinking, seeing as muslims are apparently not supposed to drink. Poor loverboi tried his hardest to defend himself. Chief then challenged him to recite some part of the Quran, which he failed woefully at. After a while, everyone stopped attacking him because fb suggested that the guys rate us girls based on our faces only. Yours truly scored an 8 outta 10 from all 3 guys (didn't i tell y'all i was fierce?). All this while, ola was silent, almost to silent. Then he burst into this tale of how he got into a cult in nigeria (in a very loud voice, i must say). By this time, it was already xmas day. He spent 3 hours on this story, literally. At a point, i could no longer feign interest, and went into the room and slept.

I woke up at 4pm (that seemed normal to me, seeing as everyday we slept at like 5am). After chillind a lil bit, fb decided we should go to niagara. I was pretty excited. I got all dressed up, and packed my bags (you see, i was considering crossing the border back into the states via buffalo). But i decided against it, seeing as if they caught me sneaking in, i'd be deported back to naija. So anyway, fb, i, crazy, fb's bro and zanzibar got into the car and left. We dropped zanzibar off at the station, and made our way down to niagara.

When we finally got there, we ended up at some guy's house. His name will be emeka. We walked into the house, and fb introduced me to emeka. I would soon learn that this was the guy who liked zanzibar and whom zanzibar liked. As i walked into the room, emeka introduced me to his gf, hope. She gave me such a mean stare, i immediately started thinking "oh my goodness, have i met this girl before? have i been mean to her in some other life?"

Fb, then told me that we were actually going to the casino at the falls. We popped into a house down the road to see some of his other friends. Then emeka got into his car and us into ours and we left. Fb's bro stayed behind. At the casino, i decided i was hungry for steak (it was like 1am). Crazy and i wanted to go and look for a restaurant, but i guess fb didn't want us going alone, and so he asked hope to go with us. Let me backtrack a lil. When we were walking in the complex, hope was clutching emeka. Literally. I'm serious. Not the cute lets-hold-hands-cuz-we-are-in-love thingy. No. The whole elbows interlocked thing, like if she let go, he would immediately have sex with the next girl passing. It was extremely funny to crazy and i. So anyway, emeka and fb ask her to go with us, but she kept insisting she wanted to stay with them. Now, she is a sweet girl and all (we had chatted a lil bit, we are in the same major and are both pre-med). But this was ridic. You could tell that fb and emeka wanted to have their own man time, but she down right refused to leave him. Even fb was like "look at me, i no resemble woman, i won't fap your man". But she still refused. At this point, i was tired of waiting, so crazy and i just walked off. Then i found out that emeka likes zanzibar, but has no clue how to leave his gf. Apparently they fight a lot. Whatever.

Crazy calls her friend to come and meet us there. Her name will be rhonda. She came along with fb's bro,and we all got along great. So as we were about to go to a restaurant, fb called and said they were done. When they met up with us, crazy introduced emeka and hope to rhonda. Hope gave rhonda a stare so evil i was immediately worried for her safety......

We got back to emeka's house, and we were all chilling. Crazy was supposed to stay behind and spend the night with rhonda, so i decided to help move her stuff to the car. All of a sudden, i hear a loud crash, and i rush into emeka's room, only to see this HUGE hole in the wall. Needless to say i was shocked. The next couple minutes passed in a blur. Next thing i remember is getting to fb's friend's house down the road, because hope stormed out and started walking down the road in the freezing cold at like 2am. I got her to come back, and she was like she was going to fly out first thing in the morning. I was not up for any unecessary drama, so we all went to fb's house down the street. I was very very tired, at this point. Emeka stayed back in his house, but hope came with us. In the house, i met this guy calvin who said it was ok if i slept in his room. I was soo happy, i curled up and slept. It was like 4am. At this time, fb was talking to hope to calm her down, and crazy had left. Clavin was nice enough to leave the room and turn off the lights for me.

Sometime later, calvin came back. He turned on the light and went on his laptop. I was too tired to care and i went back to sleep. Then he got on the same bed i was on. Note that this was a twin bed (those really narrow ones meant for only ONE person). I was too tired to care anyhow, and simply thought that he was one of those guys that are not chilvarous enough to take the floor and let me have the bed. So i slept back. Then he turned off the light.

After a while, i felt his feet rubbing up on mine. I was like no biggie, the bed is very small anyway. Then i felt a hand going up my waist and under my shirt. I sat up so quick, i am sure he was scared. I was soooooooooooooooo disgusted, even remembering it now disgusts me. This guy seemed really nice, we even gisted cos we have a mutual close friend (i discovered). I sat up in the darkness, thinking for some seconds. I didn't want to make a scene, and besides, no one knew i was down there in his room. So i asked him where my jacket was, and he pointed to his closet. I was stumbling around cos i was dead tired, and so he turned on the lights. I picked up my coat, my handbag, and said that i was going to find fb and left the room. I went upstairs, and found hope awake in one of the rooms. I went in and collapsed beside her on the bed. Clavin came there seconds after and asked "have you foung fb yet?" and i was like yeah, thanks. Bastard.

I had like 4 hours sleep and then by like 9am we left for Oshawa. Back to my peeps jare.

More drama was coming up though......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I came out of my last class, and after chilling with some friends, i decided to wait for my bro in the lib. Did the usual, checked my facebook, email, etc..... I was also bothered about the pains i feel in my bones.... maybe i should go and see a doctor... little did i know i was in for a shock.

Read it the first time.

Walked away.

Light bulb came on.

Went back.

Read it again.
Suddenly things started clicking. So many things that it seems it can't be a coincidence, or my paranoia. Little things that i never picked up on before.

Could it?

Could it???????

I've got to say though, i have a pretty interesting life. But i was sure not expecting this curve ball.

Then my bro called. I got out of my daze, got up, and walked to the car.

The pains in my bones intensified (i really should go to the doctor).
Got home.
Read it again.

Could it be???

If it is, then i can feel the shock giving way to pleasant suprise. I definitely was not expecting this, but i am happy though. I guess that's God's way of steering you away from a situation in which He knows you would have made a bad decision. How you have done what you have done so far, i don't know, but i sure do admire you for it, that's for sure.

Now, if i am wrong, oh well...... Ce la vi :D (did i spell that right? whatever jare....)

I am still in shock, and now i am beginning to feel feverish, so i am going to lie down. But if what i think is true, then thank you. Seriously.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Promised Gist continued.

We walk towards his car. I am still trying to take in the whole situation.
"Nice car" I said. He laughed. Immediately we clicked. He opened his trunk and looked in: no space for my load. We struggled to put my stuff in, and i saw him wincing. "What's wrong?" *concern nicely placed on my face* "I broke my hand a couple weeks back" Apparently he jacked some guy in a club for being a jerk. I was kinda hoping at this point that my ex did not hook me up with a mad person, for revenge and such (i should blog about my ex one day, did i mention he still claims to be madly in love with me, even though i broke up with him last september?)

We got into the car, and then he gave me this tour of oshawa. We went around his school. Typical nigerian, they can sell almost anything to you. He made his school so wonderful i was actually tempted to look into transferring. Finally we got to his house. Nice. It was freezing cold, and i was eager to get out. We dragged my stuff into the house, and then he promptly said we should go shopping. We got some food, and some alcohol (Baileys) and then settled down with some warm food, a glass of Baileys, and a nigerian movie. I had not felt such peace in days. And the fact that i had not one piece of eye candy, but two (he and his brother share the apartment) made life so much sweeter. I believe i fell asleep with a smile on my face. Finally, it seemed like stuff was getting better.

*Some events have been left out due to, urm, basically i want to avoid drama.
I woke up in the afternoon. Called to find out if my document had come in, but no one picked up the house phone. Hmm. Oh well. I crawled out of bed and took a shower. FB walks in and shouts "we are going to the movies tonight!" And i'm like ok? *i was amazed at his enthusiasm.*
I lay down like late afternoon to watch a nigerian movie, and then hear this horrible sound. It sounded at first like a bird was being strangled, or it had sore throat. The sound was coming nearer and nearer, and i becase apprehensive for no reason. The door popped open, and a guy (presumably the bird with the sore throat) pokes his head through the door. "Oh, sorry, i thought FB was in here" He appeared flustered, and then shut the door. Poor guy. He was not expecting someone as fabulous as me on the other side of the door.

Fb comes into the room to take me somewhere. He doesn't tell me where. We walk down the street, FB, The bad voice guy, and me. We enter this fabulous house, and then i am promptly told that this is where i will be staying because 3 other girls are coming down. I immediately thought that FB was arranging a menage a trois, but i dispelled the notion. I smiled and kept quiet, evaluating the singer dude. We went upstairs, and his room was decked out, complete with a jacuzzi and such. But i was to take another room (drats!). The singer dude kept shooting glances at me when i thought i was not looking (what can i say? remember, i am fabulous :D). As we were leaving, Taxi (that movie with the austin powers dude and queen latifah) was on the tv downstairs. Seeing as i love the movie, i waited there for FB (he was trying to rent a magnum from one of his friends). The singer guy, noticing my interest in the movie, asked me if i knew the movie, and i was like yeah, its good. I could tell he didn't believe me, and i was like "what do you know sucker?" Not out loud, of course. No need to unleash my madness on these unsuspecting folks.

FB finally introduced singer guy as Loverboi. I barely shook his hand, or paid much attention to him. We went back to FB's house, and they left to go and pick up one of the girls. I took a short nap. It was 6pm.

When i woke up, there was commotion. FB and his brother were fighting. Loverboir was laughing violently at one guy, whom i shall call Chief. A girl was in the house, whom i shall call C. It was 8.30pm. We got ready finally, and went to watch I Am Legend. I got on immediately with C, and the guys sat elsewhere in the theatre. When the movie was over, FB was no where to be seen. He had no phone with him, so we were stuck at the theatre. I am still in a daze from the whole situation. C was arguing with loverboi about some dumb movie, while FB's brother, Chief and i were just chilling, dying of hunger. Finally in walked FB with 2 girls, whom i shal call Crazy (FB's gf) and Zanzibar (Crazy's friend). He was also with V, some guy i had met earlier in FB's house that asked me out on the spot. I think i told him i was gay.

We went clubbing (an experience i have blogged about earlier) and then we went back to FB's house. Then all of us: Chief, Loverboi,FB, FB's brother, V, C, Crazy, Zanzibar, and I all fell asleep in the same room. I remember falling asleep in Loverboi's arms.

I will continue this later, i am having a killer headache.....

Monday, January 21, 2008

I am

Beginning to fall for you


And it scares the hell out of me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I always feel this way when i get back to school.
My holidays are always so adventurous that by the time i get back to this small ass town, i feel like a part of me has been shut down till the next holiday.

And i realized why.
I am bored.
Not bored in the traditional sense. I am bored of my friends.
You see, in my school, the afroamericans and the afros don't mix well
my close friends are nigerians
but seeing as we have only 6 nigerian girls here
you don't get much variety
and variety is the spice of life.

So, i thought to myself yesterday while i was on the phone with loverboi at like 4am: I feel like i am in a rut because my friends don't fit me anymore.
I know, that sounds wierd, but its the truth. I have this absolute craving to meet new people, do stuff i really want to do (most of my friends here will just be content chilling at home).

The thing is, on my campus, its really hard to meet new people if you don't live on campus. I am not about to move into the dorms and give up my own space (i am very paranoid about my space). Some people suggested class, but i usually have just 2 thoughts when i am in class: "oo this is interesting" or "oo when can i leave this place?"

So yeah. I need a gameplan. This is serious people. I am tired of having an absolutely exciting holiday only to come back and feel like i hit a brick wall, and then feel like i am in suspended animation till may and then get the hell out. So, any ideas? Keep in mind that i am taking 7 classes, chair 3 organisations, and work 20 hours a week.

PS: did i mention i had this wierd ass dream about some guy who kept attacking all the comments i made on people's blogs and the whole of blogsville noticed the enmity but i had no clue who the person was and then we ended up dating? i didn't? ok, now you know :D

Friday, January 18, 2008


Its funny how DL and i are writing about the same things... probably because we are going through similar situations.

I have discover a couple of things over the past weeks about forgiveness, and i did not want to write about this, but i think it is time......

Forgiveness, first and foremost, is a DECISION. You can pray from now till your dad grows a golden nike beard, and nothing will happen. God will only give you the DESIRE to forgive, but He cannot, or should i say will not, plant some incandescent happiness and mellowness in your heart regarding someone else. Sometimes we think (or i think) that when i have forgiven someone, it will happen like a SNAP, like some magical thing. But it does not work that way.

People harbor unforgiveness because of what other people have done to them. Some have been betrayed, hurt, lied to, in fact, insert what you may. And people around us do not help, as they only reiterate reasons why we should not forgive, in fact, why we are ENTITLED to be angry.

I have come to the understanding that God commanded us to forgive for one reason: Unforgiveness eats away at your life. Seriously. Think about all the ways harboring your unforgiveness has hampered you. You may have lost certain people in your life. You are uncomfortable when the person you are angry with is around. You can't even enjoy yourself when the person is there. Sometimes, you even dislike some friends you currently have because they are friends with the one who hurt you. And the list goes on.

Isn't it time you break free? First of all, contrary to what we think, the fact that we have not forgiven someone does not hamper THEIR lifestyle in anyway. They are still having fun, living their lives and such. We are the ones who get all hot under the collar when we think about or see them.

Don't you just want to let go? It actually takes a whole lot of energy to hold onto the hurt someone has done to us. I realised that. Some things in my life experience would warrant unforgiveness, but it just took a toll on me, trying to keep up the anger and the hate and just trying to bury the whole thing. I found that you cannot bury hurt, you can only disguise it to yourself, but it never really goes away until you tell it to. I found that the reason i did not want to forgive was because i was scared. I was scared of the hurt i'd feel if i revisited the many situations in my life. But i decided to be brave and face it. And i sat down in my room, and talked to myself. Seriously. Talked to myself, and thought through everything logically. And i felt this enormous relief when i was done, like a lightness in my heart. If i had known this a long time ago, i would have done this. I feel so good (well, i have always felt good, but this was a different kind of good).

Lastly, i want to say that forgiveness is all about YOU. Forgiveness does not help the person you are angry with, and yes, it will help you get in the good books with your maker, but ultimately, its all about YOU. YOU are the one that will experience a peace like no other. YOU are the one that God will bless. YOU are the one who will live a better life (because face it people, it eats away at you). So while you may hear or see things that indicate that you should forgive because of reasons that do not pertain to you in anyway, realise that the ultimate reason you should forgive is because of YOU.

Think about this for a second. We have had a few situations in our life that have caused us pain. Yet God asks us to forgive, as He forgives our sin. Do you think He said that just to be holier than thou? No. God, in His infinite wisdom, took a page out of His own, should i say, life, and gave us the key to living in peace. God realised (or should i say knew) that man would sin against him, and that it would hurt him. There are over 3 billion people in the world, all of whom he loves dearly, all of whom sin against him everyday (me included). So, he could choose to hang on to that pain. Pain multiplied by 3 billion, occuring at the rate of a millisecond. If that were you, you would die (people die of pain, seriously). So he realised that the smart thing to do was just to forgive everytime we ask for it, instead of hanging on to all the pain (hanging on to all that pain would really be a bummer for him, considering the fact that he is awesome and all). Think of unforgiveness as a light dimmer: the more hurt we harbor, the less our light is (and i don't mean light as in holiness, i mean light as in our happiness, joy, our very being) until we cannot stand it anymore.Abi you think people just fall into depression all will nilly?

So, to all those out there, you are not alone. It really is a problem, unforgiveness. I still harbor some regarding certain situations, but i am getting there, and i know you can too.


In the process of my journey in life
I have realised a couple things
Come out of a couple misgivings
This has been long overdue

I am sorry.
I really am
From the bottom of my heart.
For the pain i caused you
It took a while for me to admit to myself the gravity of what i had done

I should have done this a while ago
But wisdom spoke against it
It was not the right time
Now however, i have heard another tune

I have caused you pain
I did not mean to
But that does not change anything
The deed was done
And i have done something that goes against my very core
I have violated my own principles
And i think that the fact that i did through me into autopilot for a while

I have forgiven myself for that
And now i am asking for your own forgiveness
While i do not expect it, i still implore it
I have disrespected you in every way a woman can disrespect another woman
And i am deeply sorry
I hope that one day, you can look at me, and smile
Genuinely smile
And feel no pain

I thought of many ways i could write this.
The many ways i could use tear jerking words to move you
And i decided against it
I want your genuine forgiveness
Because i am genuinely sorry
So refuse to stoop that low
I have already stooped low by doing what i did to you
I refuse, REFUSE, to go there again
So i am writing plainly what i feel
I am sorry, Period.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Promised Gist.

Ok, i know i promised a couple of people gist a while ago... Let me explain why it has not been forthcoming. Some of the people involved may be able to see my blog, and unselfish ass that i am, i don't want to affect their lives. Its kinda annoying because i am past all this, and i want to keep my word, but oh well... But i will talk about it, one day, when i am sure the coast is clear :)
For now, i will start from what happened a little while after that.....

I mentioned a while back i was stranded in canada. Let me explain what i mean by that. My student visa had expired, and was not renewed because i did not have the original of a certain document. I asked my bro to send it, and he sent it by regular mail. TO CANADA. Please don't ask me why he did that, because i don't know. So, my perfect little holiday, all planned out and stuff, turned into a slight nightmare for a while. Little did i know what God had in mind for me. If i had not been stranded, i would not have met some of the most wonderful people i have ever met in my life. 4 Boys, 3 girls, all equally awesome :)

Thursday night(back then): I wanted to leave. Immediately. Bags all packed, jacket on, cab called. My phone rings.

H: Hello?
O: H, what is going on now?
H: mehn, i have this feeling that if i don't leave this house, some serious stuff is going to go down, and me i don tire for all this drama, seriously.
O: have you called him?
H: yeah, he is ok with me coming right now. he'll pick me up.
O: I don't think you should leave right now. its late at night. why don't you wait till tomorrow?
H: i'll think about it.

Every nerve in my body wanted to leave before he came back from work..... but common sense dictated otherwise. O was right, its too late at night to start travelling to somewhere i don't know. I'll wait till tomorrow morning....

Friday morning: I woke up feeling better than i had felt in a long time. My conscience was clear, i had forgiven myself. So i did something against my very being. So what? I am human, i am allowed to screw up. I realised that the real screw up would be not learning from my experience. The most important thing was to focus on getting my stuff and getting back to the US.

I asked for the mail to be checked. i was told solemnly that my document had not yet come in. DRATS! Oh well, whatever. I used the time i had waiting for the taxi to chat with my friend online.

M: so he is just going to let you go like that?
H: girl, no one lets me go, no one controls me. I made this decision all by myself.
M: but where are you going to go?
H: oshawa.
M: who do you know there?
H: my ex hooked me up with some guy there
M: your friend is an ass
H: na u know
M: sha let me know what is going on

Taxi came, finally! I grabbed my 2 boxes, my laptop, and my purse, and out the door i went. The sun was out, the first time in days. I took this as a good sign. As i clabbered into the taxi, i thought "finally, i am away from this mess. Now i can get myself together and have some rest"

Taxi dropped me off at the station Freshboi told me to come to. I looked around. No guy to flirt with and ask them to carry my boxes. Shit. Bought my ticket, and settled down with my harry potter and the deathly hallows......

An hour later, i arrived at Oshawa, ON. I chilled for a while, waiting for freshboi. I kept looking around for a black boy (i was the only black person there). After like 45 mins, this guy walks up to me. I'm thinking "Finally, things are taking a turn in my life. I have not seen a guy this fine for a while." He says "H?" with a tilt to his head. I nod in agreement, glee in my throat. "I am Freshboi. Let's go"

And that was how God turned my life around at a time i thought things could not get worse.........

To be continued (Hopefully)

Monday, January 14, 2008

So i was tagged

I was tagged (i was suprised, thanks paradigm!)
so here goes..

Two Names you go by:


Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. My glasses (which i hate so much, let me get of my lazy behind and get my contacts.
2. a shirt and no bra (bliss!)

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a Relationship:
1.honesty and friendship
2. respect
yes, for me, love aint everything. i'd rather be respected.

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. sleep :D
2. dance dance dance...

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. food (i need to go to that kitchen)
2. to be back in MD, or oshawa...:P

Two pets you had/have:
Urm, we never had one... actually, we had one. my aunt bought it from near falomo bridge. we cleaned it, fed it, named it (cant remember the name) but it cried all night and so the next morning my mum returned it (she hates dogs).
Now we all don't do animals..:D

Two people you think will fill this out:
1. Little miss me (but she already has, drats!)
2. nameless poetical (who probably has)

Two thigs you did last night:
1. Unpacked
2. Ate chinese and spoke to loverboi :)

Two things you ate last night:
1. Chinese (didn't i mention that before?)
2. just chinese :D

Two people you last talked to:
1. My childhood friend who has been making some "lets go out moves toward me." Gotta love him.....
2. Loverboi
omg, do i talk to females at all???? that must be addressed immediately.....

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Go and hunt Mrs. Bulliard down (i want my scholarship dammit!)
2. Visit all my friends i have not seen since.... and them cook.

Two longest car rides:
1.Lafayette to virginia.... took 2 days....
2.Osun to lagos... or oshawa to ottawa... can't remember jare....

Two favourite holidays:
Anytime i am not in school jare... but i have to say mardi gras and SUMMER!

Favourite Beverages:
1. Arizona iced tea
2. A turtle mochassippi with chocolate, vanilla and irish cream with whipped cream (its coffee people)

Person no longer alive you'd like to talk to:
1. My grandmother on my mother's side...i never really got close to her....

now who the hell can i tag? ok, pug'd truth be told (gotta love her), desperate lady (probably already tagged), little miss me (already tagged, oh well), rethots, afunto baby

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A message sent to my friend.

how far.and how are u adjusting to the claimatic condition and how is the wealther treating you overthere.well not bad with me too.i am tola by name and am from Nigeria, Though miles may lie between us,but we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart moreso Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be.and Distance does not matter if two hearts are loyal to one another.
.am also a tall person by 6fit i like outing meeting people reading and sport.i was like wow when i saw ur pics and i was very gratify simply bcos u look beautifull Your imperfections are what make you beautiful and i will be very glad if both of us can know each others better moreso u can get me with my yahoo messanger name lati_tola
looking 4ward to ur reply

age is nothing but a number i believe in understanding


Feel free to laugh your heart outat our fellow nigerian man.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


The night is young
Nigh' high in the sky
Feel the breeze

Let it move and caress your soul
the rythms of the night
forever together, inseperable byzantine concepts
the outcome of funny situations
laughable,plaudable, yet unecessary
the innocent are washed with the filth of the guilty

Many sensations
the gratifying desire
do not look back
lest be turned into a pillar of salt
forge onward
that is the only way to true success.