Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yes, you read right.

I said the ANTI-MLA.

For those that do not know, MLA is a standardized form of citing your sources in the USA to avoid plagairism.

In other words, you no fit carry person's work of the internet or somewhere without saying you did it. No copy and paste, no dubs,


Except you let the reader know you did it.

Now, i am not anti MLA, but some dude i met is. I am sure you are wondering why in the world i am writing about this. Well, you are about to find out.

My english class, surprisingly, is one of my faves this semester. Thats because we dont write as many papers, discuss figurative speech, or any of that boring crap.

A typical day in this class involves loud arguments over racism, gay marriage, britney spears, obama, the iraqi war, michael jackson, femininity, amongst other things.

Y'all know (or maybe you don't) that i love such arguments, which is why i love this class.

But one day, something went terribly wrong.....

So, in my school, you are only allowed for absences for the semester, regardless of the class. So if you stab (miss) class more than 4 times, there will be repercussions. By the 3rd week of school however, everyone is pretty much settled into their classes anc schedules and such. I love my class. Everyone in my class is great in different ways, and we have become like family, including the instructor, who is a yound intelligent graduate student.

One day, this random guy who talks loudly came into the class 10 mins late. We all looked at him funny. I personally thought that maybe he came into the wrong class by mistake, but apparently, he was enrolled for that class. He just didn't feel like coming till the 3rd week of school i guess.

Right away, we notice how obnoxious he is, but not in an in-your-face way. You know one of those people who feel they are smart and everyone else below them, but they feel sorry for us minions/goblins, and so they take pity on us? And talk to us in a nice-put down kinda way?

He is one of those people.

Can't stand such people, personally. A little hint of my nature: I love to tackle guys who think they have it all but some and reduce them to nothingness :)

But moving on.

All the while, in classes to follow, he kept irritating the instructor, asking dumb questions like "why is the syllabus online, instead of giving me one in person?" and giving off beat comments on topics, such as bringing in economy or heart disease or something like that. It always irritated me. I would roll my eyes, but i never said anything.

He is a white male, with black tousled hair and a black goatee. I usually don't go into such details, but this time i make the exception. He looks frumpy, but not too frumpy. I am giving you his description in case you see him (or me) on tv one day. So, in a previous class, some people had asked the instructor (i'll call her L) to go over the whole MLA thing in the next class. So she came, and went over where to cite, how the works cited page should be, etc. She also got us a step by step handout on how to use our online library resources to find sources for our papers. In layman's terms, we have to use some stuff on our school library website to find stuff like articles for our papers. We cannot go on google and find random stuff. That is how it is in all english classes at my school, and any idiot who has taken an english class knows this.

So when L asks "Any questions?", The dude--and i'll call him dude from now on-- asked out loud, and not in an orderly fashion:

"Why do we have to do this? Why can't i go on google? Isn't it the same article i will end up using at the end of the day?"


And so ensued an argument between dude and L. At first, no one cared, and no one was listening. But after 15 mins, he was still asking stupid questions, and using an arrogant, i-know-it-all-and-you-don't-know-jack tone with L. L was obviously trying very hard not to loose her cool. One of the questions he asked was

"What qualifies you to tell me i am wrong?" (talking to L)

Now, that was just plain rude. After whispering to my friend (urm, her PhD?), I raised my hand amd said in a nice tone

"I don't mean to be rude to anyone, but can we move on for God's sake"

And then he threw me a nasty look and continued arguing in a masked, tense, controlling voice. He even had the audacity to state "I don't need to look up articles for my paper. My thoughts are better than anything in the New York Times or The Economist"

At that point the americanized part of me, so to speak, issued a "ding!" of warning well known to everyone. It screamed AW HELL NO!

People in class started murmuring, because the argument had gone on back and forth for 20 mins, and was getter more and more terse and tense as time passed. Then my friend, as older black lady with 3 kids, spoke up:

"Baby (addressing dude), i drive up 2 hours and 3o mins everyday for this class, please let us not take up all the time on this"

That was not a direct quote, but she did call him baby and mention the 2 hour 30 min drives.

To which he replied, "Well, shaq!" and said some other stuff..... But you could tell that he wanted to call her a negro, but didn't want to come and and say it directly. Now, in the south, there still some hidden racial tension going on, and so, at that, the whole class went into a frenzy. The dude got up, and i don't know w hat he was about to do, but next thing i noticed, he had left class, and so had L.

This happened about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Because of this incident, the amount of student shootings that have gone on in this year in this country, and the fact that we have lost 3 students this semester to shootings (all very, very seperate events: one guy shot his gf and himself, and 2 weeks later another random girl was found shot dead in her house in a town 3 hours away), we had to write statements and give them to the dean. We had the right to not have our names mentioned for our safety. We also had to lock ourselves into the class, so that we could open it from the inside and run if necessary (he was banned from the class and not allowed near the perimeter) but he also could not come in. And now, we have had to change classes to another one upstairs, but we cannot put a sign in the old classroom saying where the new class is.

I told me friend what happened. She had only 2 things to say to me:
"Honeywell, you are the only person i know that can find themselves inside one kind of dramatic situation or the other"
"Next time, for heavens sake shut up and mind your business"

But what is the point of God creating me, if i cannot speak up when evil rears its head? Or in a less figurative manner, when i see something wrong?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

tired of the mundane
the ordinary
fear of the norm
a stirring for something more
something greater
something bigger than what the eyes can see and the brain can envision

the time has come for the brain to twist back on itself
and wander down roads not unlike the beaten path
and consider all deeds
evaluation time, if you please
A fool?
but wisdom will not receive her Oscar without being compared to folly

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Promised Gist 3.

Continuation of promised gist.

After we got back from niagara, i had a day to chill. Basically lazed around and did nothing with the guys (crazy and zanzibar had left).

The next day (a thursday), fb got all excited about this club he had heard of that would be banging that night. I had heard of it before, and how old men go there to get young girls. Fat old men with wives at home and an uncontrolled libido (even if they have ED- Erectile Dysfunction). I could just picture it:

*Old man walks up to fb*

"bros, i want that girl"

fb: "say what?"

OM:"Don't worry, i will pay you well for her"

fb: "Urm, dude, i am not a pimp"

OM: "Look, boy, you don't have to pretend at this. I am experienced in this, and i know how it goes down. Don't worry, you don't know me, i don't know you. Oya give me the girl, abi name your price"

fb: " Look, sir, i don't know what you are talking about. That girl is my friend and...."

OM: "Friend? i see... so that is what it is called nowadays. Ok, friend, whatever you call her, stop fronting and name your price"

Ok, I got way overboard with that. Let me concentrate on the story at hand.

I didn't mind going out, i was all for it. The thing i couldn't stand is how these boys could waste time. It takes them an hour to get ready to go to the gas station!!!!! So fb had told me this (the going out thing) by like 4pm, and i was ready by 5pm. I had already made up my mind that we were not going to leave till 8pm. Loverboi kept laughing at me as i kept affirming to Ola "boy, don't waste your time, we aint leaving here till 8pm. These people get ready slower than housewives going out to dinner for the first time"

I got ready and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And i was getting irritated. FB was still not ready, so i went back to loverboi's house. He was ready, so we left with ola to chief's house. Chief was making dinner!!!! I was like wth, aren't we supposed to be going out? And there he stood, apron and all (flashed me back to when some guy came to my house and cooked me dinner for no reason and without telling me beforehand. But that's for another blog). I have to say he looked kinda cute. But i put on a stern face and scolded him. So he finished up quickly. It was 6pm.

7pm: I am blasting music, and loverboi and chief are arguing about who is better at something, and ola is doing some kinda wierd gay dance to the song i was playing, "please don't stop the music" by rihanna (love that song btw).

8pm: Fb does not want to drive his car, and everyone is arguing loudly about how we would all fit in loverboi's car. Loverboi bought a 2 door car (which ola said was selfish of him. Actually, his exact words were; "oh boy, how you carry yourself go buy 2-door car? yo thats just selfish now... 2 door car is for when you just marry and you and your wife just dey pose, dey do some mr and mrs smith shit, not when you have boys. That's just selfish. I am sure you did it because you want to mise gas, because you know boys no fit enter your car." I laughed my ass off at that). Ola stated loudly for the whole neighbourhood to hear that he was not going to sit at the back (all dem guys were really tall and such). In his words, "I am not folding". Chief was trying to convince loverboi to drop his off at scarborough. It was jus mayhem, with everyone shouting and stuff. Loverboi finally agreed, and we all squeezed into his car and left by like 9pm.

I was excited. Finally, we were on the road! We stopped at someone else's house though, but we finally made it into the club by like midnight (cuz the boys started playing fifa in their friends house). In summary, i had a lot of fun.

Oh wait, i almost forgot. There was this old dude that kept stalking me. Even followed me to the ladies. Hmmph! Finally, i told him "look, my boyfriend won't like this" and he was like who is your bf? And i pointed to loverboi. Immediately, he backed off. You see, loverboi works as a bouncer, and therefore looks like a bouncer. I'll leave what he looks like up to your imagination.

In addition, loverboi asked me to dance, but for some reason, i felt uncomfortable with the notion of dancing with him at first, so i told him no. But i danced with other people though. He sat in some spot and had this angry look on his face. I kept coming back from the dancefloor to check on him. Each time i asked him if he wants to dance, but he never answered me. Hmm. Up till now, he claims that i never asked him. I started wondering why he was soo mad, but i let it slide because i felt at the time he didn't want to talk about it.

We left, i had a blast, but the boys kept saying that they were not going there again. Seeing as most of them don't really dig naija girls cuz they feel we are too difficult, i guess thats why they hated the club. Oh well.

Sidenote: That morning, my whole situation made me weary....... Checked my email.... No news, my document had not come in. I had rescheduled my flight to leave the next day, friday. This was thursday. So i missed xmas and now it looked like i was going to spend new year in canada as well. Now, don't get me wrong, i was having a wonderful time.... I guess the feeling of being held back against my will was bothering me..... I missed my friends and family, and no end seemed to be in sight.... plus, i would have to move my flight again, and i had no clue when my document would come in.... All my plans for my break just seemed to be spiralling out of control (now that i look back on it, i think God was teaching me to trust him, because i like to be in control, and the fact that i had no control as to what was happening was making me mad).
I got into the shower, sorrow hanging over my head. My prayers over the past couple days involved begging God at sporadic moments to deliver my mail...... I turned on my music, and climbed into the shower. Jets of water hit my body, making an attempt to calm me down..... And all my questions came tumbling out....

Why is it that whenever i ask you to do something for me, something i really want, you never do it, but if my mother prays the same prayer, you'll grant it?
You know that i am happy here lord, but not knowing when (or if) i will get back to the states is killing me....

And i that point, i knelt down in the shower, all the anguish i had buried for long, sorrow that the exciting moments with my friends kept at bay, came pouring out for a split second.....

Monday, February 11, 2008


Oh my goodness, I HAD A BLAST!

So i have been kinda MIA for a while.... maybe its because i have to deal with:







Fashion show/modelling


Dance practise


Volunteer work at the hospital


International Week (i am the president of the international students council)


Some other random ish.

Ok, let me backtrack a bit.....

I have been having trouble sleeping (which has been bothering me, i am too young for this nonsense oh! no way am i, in my young, tender and FABULOUS age am i going to start taking sleeping pills, aw hell no). So, on friday, after having like 1 hour sleep, i was off to class by 7.30am. Had a TWO HOUR pharmacology class. Yuk. Then had anatomy and phys after, which i like, so it was not too bad. Ran some errands, went to lab for a bit, and then had a meeting from 1pm-3pm (yup, it was that long. thats how much ish i have to deal with on the daily).

I ran some more errands, and then instead of me to come home and rest, NO! I did follow-follow and went shopping. Got some FAB SHOES and some random top and came back home. Girls, have you ever felt that feeling of euphoria from getting something you really love mixed with fear of your bank account? Good, then we are on the same page so far.

And guys, you are included too. Be it far from me to only single out females on my blog....:)

Anyway, i went to work, came back around 9pm, washed my hair, and then went to get it done.

I did not finish till 10.30am. No, you did not read that wrong.

After that, my body was screaming for some rest. I literally got home and collapsed. Crashed and miss work


Woke up to find 10 missed calls. People were worried about where i was. I called my supervisor and explained, but i still got a warning. If i get another one, i'll loose my job.


Anyhoo, i had a lapse that night.... my entire head/face/jawbone was killing me... and i still got up to study (efiko ni mi).

Anyhoo, back to my original point (i can deviate sha). It was SOOOOO much fun. I reall do love modelling and dancing. Hearing people call your name as you come down the runway, hearing the wolf whistles, and endless "you looked awesome"......... and just the rush of it all..... was really really good......

So now i can scratch that off my list..... I still have 4 more major events to go... God help me.... Going to study now (i hope).

So there you go paradigm. I have updated. :)

PS: Did anyone watch the grammys? I was jumping for joy when kanye won rap album of the year, but i have to say his acceptance speech put me off a bit.... The gall of the man.... He has amazing talent, and i love his music, but really, must he be so arrogant sometimes? He said, and i quote "Common, i told you, don't drop an album the same year as me mehn!" (common was also nominated in this category).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just for joblessness..... Actually, not joblessness, but too busy to blog anything major at the mo'

I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i want to/have to talk about, but i am simply too tired these days.... my entire campus seems to be coming down with some kinda virus pandemic.. been sick on and off for 2 weeks, been having school+work+fashion show practise+dance practise+meetings of all sorts+volunteering back to back..... So yeah... imma be back soon.....

In the meantime, y'all know i have to make sure i stay in your thoughts..... I saw this on someon'e blog, i've forgotten who..... And i thought, what the hell, lets see what results will spring up.... So have a go at it....

1. Take a stab at my middle name?
2. Color of my eyes?
3. Do I have any siblings-if so, how many?
4. What's one of my favorite things to do?
5. What's my favourite type of music?
6. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?
7. Any special talents
8. What attracted me to my significant other?
9. Describe me in 3 words...
10. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring?

I tried thinking of another question to add to this.... Abegi! I am too tired for such.... Back to my cheerios and Dayquil.. Cheers!

PS: With vals day coming up.. i thought i'd share something... i honestly think someone has jazzed me.... maybe one of the guys i was not nice too back in the day.... cuz for the past 2 years, i get sick on vals day.... hmm...... Also, i came across Toochi's blog.... He was writing about true love.... And i was wondering, why is vals day a big deal? (especially for nigerians?). I don't understand it... even when i have a val, i don't really care.... If i am feeling tired that day, i am not going out.....I believe if you love me, you should show me that everyday... Not go broke all in the name of vals day and then be unable to get me anything for the rest of the year... And i guess i have always been easy to please in that area.... Don't get me wrong, i'll love a gift... but sometimes just a simple note on a Post it that was handwritten touches me more.... But whatever... I guess what i am saying is: What's the big deal?

Why must we force our guys to spend their entire checking account on us? Honestly, truly, i love gifts (i have mentioned this before) But to be honest, i'd be uncomfortable collecting something really expensive from my guy.... My independent streak coming out, i guess... But girls, any guy can get you a gift. These days, they don't even have to pick the flowers (which i don't really like). All they need to do is call 1800flowers, give them their credit card # and your address, and thats it. I hate that. No emotion or anything behind it. I'd rather something as inexpensive as body scrub, as long as i know you went to the store (not your secretary) and really thought about what you wanted to get me. I guess my point is: Anyone can shower you with material things. Only one person (other than God, i guess) can shower you with true emotion. Think about that as you are opening your various gifts.