Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, i went on Ladi's page, and the first thing i saw was BITE ME and this threw me back a lil....


Meanwhile, thanks for all the feedback about El Creepo (see previous post). I just love y'all to death! Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Love, Honeywell (why on God green earth did i pick the name honeywell????)

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

I have finally found some 5 mins to myself so i can blog. Sorry for not updating for so long, y'all know how college life can get! With crunch time coming, i am thankful, because i know the Lord is my strength.

What do i want to blog about? The shortest tale i can think of right now: My experience last friday.

So, on saturday april 12th, I and some othe girls threw a suprise birthday party for a friend of mine. Unfortunately, people kept going "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSH!!" so much that she heard us from downstairs when she got to the house with her bf. Don't you just love africans.

Anyhoo, it was nice, until the police came :( After they came the first time, we continued... Until they came back and threatened arrest.... i found my square root sharply after that.

The next day, i was chilling with a friend after work. Her name is mimi for now. We had the sudden urge to go out to eat, and she wanted to go to Olive Garden (which i am not too keen on, personally). So she called up this guy and we arranged to go. The dude, whom i will call Joseph, said he would bring a friend. Cool.

When he came to pick us up, i swooned as per usual. You see, i am in love with the 2007 abi 2008 toyota camry. But i digress. We got to the restaurant, and i realised that his friend looked familiar to me, but i couldn't place the face. Dinner was nice, and the night ended.

On tuesday last week, mimi calls me and tells me that Joseph has been bugging her because his friend, whom i will call Danjuma has been asking if i have a bf. At that minute, my phone started ringing, so i told her i would call her back. So i picked up the phone.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello, is this honeywell?
Me: Yes, who is this please?
Caller: *laughing*
Don't you recognise my voice?
Me: No..... *If i did, i wouldn't be asing questions now would i?*
Caller: Are you sure?
Me: Please who is this
Caller: *Laughing* ok ok, this is the police. There was an incident reported last saturday, and we need you to come down to the station
Me: Ok, seriously, who is this
Caller: *laughing hysterically* ok ok this is danjuma.

To say i was irritated is an understatement.
I didn't talk to him for long, and then i dropped the phone. After that day, we would text back and forth, no big deal. Then on wednesday, he starts sending me texts asking if we talk. I told him no, because i was at work, plus i had a lot of school work. He then sends me this text asking me if we could hang out that night. It was 9pm. I lost service, so i didn't reply.
When i got home at 10pm, he called me, and said he was on his way to my house. I thought he was joking , but he was serious. Please, is it wrong for me to think it inappropriate on his part for him to think that i would follow him to his house, A GUY I BARELY KNOW?????
I mean, over the past couple days, i had only sent him 5 texts, most of which said nothing tangible. Maybe i am just old fashioned (wow, old fashioned at my young age).
Anyhoo, i told him i can't go anywhere because i have a paper to finish. Then he starts getting mad and starts whining about how he was already on his way and stuff. Biko (please), how is that my problem? Did i ask you to come? I apologised as calmly as i could, but explained to him that it was his fault because i never replied his text or told him he could come. That one ended.

Then on friday, The forbidden kingdom came out in theatres. You know, the movie with Jackie Chan and Jet li? Anyway, mimi wanted me to go and see it with her. So after work, we went with danjuma. Joseph met us there. After getting some coffee (i was dead tired, it was 10pm), we walked into the movie theatre. It was packed. Mimi and joseph sat 2 rows behind me, and danjuma and i sat down together. As the movie started, i got comfy and munched on my cheesecake. The movie was funny, and i was soon laughing my tiredness away. I then noticed that danjuma had lifted up the cup holder seperating both seats. I thought nothing of it, assuming he was uncomfortable. We continued watching the movie. All of a sudden, his arm goes round my shoulder and he forces me close to him. I turned in shock, and he gave me this leery look. I honestly was about to puke up my cheesecake. I pulled away and leaned away from him, even though his arm was still around my shoulder.

Then, after some minutes, i feel his fingers stroking me. I immediately got the sensation i dare say women feel when they are about to get raped. I looked around, no one was paying attention. He did it again. I said nothing. Then his hands began to move. At that point, i immediately got up and walked to the back, leaving my stuff there. I crouched beside mimi and begged joseph to switch seats with me, promising to explain later. Mimi was worried, because i was shaking. I was vvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery angry. Joseph, after much cajoling, agreed. As i sat, mimi asked me what happened, and i told her. I know this might sound like i overreacted, but c'mon. I don't even LIKE this guy. His presence, even before this, irritated the heck out of me. Plus, as he started stroking me, i remembered where i had met him before. He was at my friend's suprise bday party. He was the wierd guy that kept staring at me in a irritatingly lusty manner (Not the let-me-undress-you-look, but the i-have-just-escaped-from-prison-need-to-sleep-with-anything-in -skirt look). And that fact that he BARELY knows me, and felt like he had a right to touch me.... *shivers* Just thinking back to that day makes me get extremely nauseous and angry. After the movie, i immediately told him "sorry for the way i left, you made me feel uncomfortable. Mimi said even though i said that, my eyes said "If i slap you eh? Which kind liver you get? If you dare touch me next time, you won't be able to have children OR have sex again, period."

Don't know when next i will update, but i hope y'all have a good week!! For those in college, its crunch time huh? May we all pass our finals, AMEN!

Love, Honeywell

Monday, April 7, 2008


Mehn, i have not written anything about my life for a while.. thats because i have been so dang busy!

Ok, lemme see.... i am still looking for a car oh, and i really need help finding a used one that is in good shape and not too expensive... i really need suggestions... i really want a toyota, and i sure as heck don't want a ford aka Found On Road Dead.... mbanu.

So, of course i have to talk about a man... :) There is this dude i am sorta interested in..... We have been sending each other signals since last semester, but nothing has happened yet.... He started to irritate me cuz i was wondering what all the shady stuff was about, so i stopped paying him any attention.

So in the last weekend of march, my friend told me he was having a bbq. I was working, but when i got off i found out it was just starting (see african people oh, the dude said the bbq will start at 3, and i got there 5.30pm. Oh well). So i walked up, said hi to all my friends, saw the dude that took me out to dinner and felt bashful for a sec (i'll talk about that later), and walked towards my friends from mali at the table. The weather nice and the park was beautiful, so i was feeling pretty good. Then i look up and there he is, sitting across from me by himself eating. Our eyes locked, and i swear it was like someone slowly took their hand down my spine...........

I had to get me some food right? He happened to be sitting at the table were all the plates and stuff were, so i went over there, but i did not look at him at all. I grabbed my plate and got some food. All of a sudden, someone grabs me from behind and hugs me. Now, ladies in the house, this dude is fit, as in, ripplin muscles (ok not that bad) but he looks good without a shirt :) (Lord forgive me for lusting). Anyway, he sha told me wassup. To cut a long story short, we had an unexpectedly long convo were i basically called him out for his BS and shadiness and all... not knowing i confused the poor guy so he did not know to toast me anymore... :) However, he told me that he did not know how to come at me because many guys had told him to back off because they were talking to me. All the while, i kept looking into this guy's eyes... Now, i know it sounds corny, but he has such beautiful brown eyes.. and the way he looks at you, like he is looking right into your soul, with his ever so slight arrogant half smile.......

Urm, what was i saying? Oh yeah, the guy

NO ONE (not here anyway) is talking to me. Apparently i found out that there is some kind of who-gets-to-ask-me-out-first thing going on (maybe its cuz my bros are graduating that these boys are now having liver). Oh well. We now talk more often, but he is in NY now :(

Now to other things. Please people let me know what you think concerning my previous post about Obama's pastor.... I don't know why they are suffering the dude like this mehn....

Yesterday i was talking to a friend of mine who was having issues with some dude (figures). I told her to cut the guy off, but she doesn't want to because other than the fact that they really like each other, they are really good friends. The guy has sha been enjoying free benefits from her over the past 1 year, even though he is dating someone else. Please, if a guy cannot leave his gf for you, that should be your cue to start walking. Like seriously. It will be hard-Yes. Especially if you are friends-undoubtably. But sometimes in life we just do what we have to do for our own sanity. I feel her pain though. I had to let go of a friendship i cherished as well, and talking to her about her probs brought that back to me. I haven't thought about it in a while, but i realised i kinda missed the friendship, but i am still grateful to God and myself for the decision i made to let go, because i have experienced God's peace so much since then.

i want to talk about another friend of mine. Y'all might remember him as Loverboi. Yes, Loverboi is still in my life.... Even though i decided not to go out with him, we are still good friends. So he liked this one white chick yeah, and they had been talking for a while now. He told me last friday that he was thinking of asking her out to the movies on sunday (yesterday). I told him to go ahead and let me know what happened. As in, this guy is the sweetest person i know, always willing to go the extra mile for you, and i figured the girl was lucky to have him. Only for him to call me and tell me some ish went down, and that the girl is no longer talking to him. Apparently, when he was in the gym on sat, she was there, but he did not say hi to her, and therefore she got mad and said she is getting back with her ex and does not want to speak to him again. Intriguing.

Please if anyone can help me understand her reaction, please hit me up. Note that he didnt say hi because his friend was talking to him, and when he was done, she was gone.

What else? I have so many things i want to talk about, but i am such a lazy typer.... I am already tired of typing.... Went out last saturday for my friend's birthday. I danced to 3 songs, spent half my time outside mad as hell because my friend went back to pick some peeps only to get lost after i had given her directions... the people she went to pick had their own car oh, so i don't know why she wasted gas going all the way back like a driver.... anyway, the people she did all this sufferhead for ended up going to another club, not the one we were at. So after spending all the time being mad outside, by the time she finally came, it was almost 1.30am, and they were only playing Techno. I don't do techno.

Had to run a marathon 8am sat. and pay $15 all to get 5 extra points in one class i am taking... what i won't do for school.. *sigh* as tiny as i am, i thank God i did not disappear after running mehn... Plus mumu (idiot) like me, i did not know it was cold, so i was wearing shorts and a tshirt in 53 degree weather to run... smart huh?

I have also officially admitted to myself that i find confidence almost bordering on arrogance extremely sexy in guys... Or a guy that knows how to dress... i was in Dillards on sat, and i saw this sales associate... He was perfectly dressed, from the D&G prescription glasses, to the dress shirt, tie and vest, to the well tailored pants and shoes..... lawd..... He was even short, but the way he dressed made of for everything in else in my eyes anyway..

Lastly, has anyone heard from Paradigm? For some wierd reason, i am worried about her.... Wherever you are, i hope your silence is an indication of good things happening in your life oh.....

What's been going on with y'all so far? I see JT is still spouting the gospel of relationships without telling us anything about his personal relationships.... Afrobabe is crazy as ever......Jaycee is inspiring as ever (that girl has got an awesome gift), bumight is keeping me laughing, Unwritten is almost like my mirror image, its scary... And everyone else on blogsville, have an awesome week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Barack Obama/ Rev Wright fiasco

I was about to go and make some eba and egusi to eat. I put on the Fox news channel, and i heard something that made me mad.

This woman, whose name i will look up later, was interviewing another lady about some other pastor who was defending Rev Wright's comments. For those that do not know what i am talking about, Rev. Wright is the barack's pastor. He made some comments regarding the white race, as well as hillary and some other stuff. The media has refused to let this matter die. But what irritated me to the core was what i heard on tv less than a minute ago.

This white lady and starts talking derisively about rev. wright and the dude that was defending him. She said that people who are defending rev. wright are saying they should put what he said in context, and that where is the context? That if we people would give them context, they would look at it. The woman (interviewer) said the comments made by rev. wright were sacry. People have even called him a racist and unamerican.


Now, even though i have not been in this country long, being in the south has given me a pretty good feel of what black people back in the day went through. So who the heck is this lady to come and tell rev. wright and black people in general to be quiet? Now, i am not saying that rev. wright did not say some things that were just wrong, i just don't see why people get so testy when people speak their mind frankly. Honestly, i don't think people would be this riled up if he used "political correctness". What do i mean by this? If he used words such as "upper class caucasians" versus "rich white folk" and "upper class people may rule the economy to some extent" versus "rich white folk rule america", people may not be as riled up.

This is my thing. I don't see why white people should so offended when a black person vents the anger they might have from how they were treated in the past. After all, rev. wright lived through the racist times (which have not ended, btw), so even though he is a man of the cloth, he is still, fundamentally, A MAN. A man who went through lynching, amongst other things. Why should he be condenmed for saying how he feels? Why can't freedom of speech apply to him??
Once again, i am not condoning what he said. I am simply aggravated that some young caucasian is getting on her high horse and talking derisively because someone expressed a pain she knows nothing about.

Consider this: When jewish people get slandered in the media (i forgot who did it, some actor), people get all riled up against the actor and force an apology. When a white guy calls a female a "nappy headed whore", people get all riled up and demand an apology. But when a black men says something that makes the white folk uncomfortable, they attack him and call him unamerican. Interesting.

Now, on a different outlook, something else is shocking about this whole thing. Where are the black people? You see, the man i spoke about above, the one defending rev. wright? He's white. Why is a white guy taking the heat for the defending a black man? Don't get me wrong, i am happy that he is crossing racial barriers and doing this, but where are the black people? Why isn't any black person defending this reverend?? I find it somewhat disappointing that once again, black people have watched their own get shot in the media, and do nothing about it.

Thanks to all those who commented on my previous blogs!! I found some stuff people said to be very interesting.. Hope y'all have a great weekend!! Thank God its thursday!