Monday, June 30, 2008



Now i'm off to sleep. :)

Thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday! Y'all are too much, and i love you to pieces!!!!!

Everyone who wants a piece of the cake, let me know :)

Sorry i haven't been on here to update, but school does not want me to breath. Sha there is gist coming, so be prepared!

To all those that gave me advice concerning the guy, thanks so much! Right now he is away, so i'll wait till he comes back to talk to him about it. I wanted to cut him off, but he was like he'd rather we remain friends, that way, i am still in his life somehow, that he'd rather have me as a friend than not have me at all. He also said a bunch of other stuff i won't say on here :) what can i say? i miss him.

Oh well. Have a great week lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Birthday sturvz

Ok, i know many questions have been asked about my birthday. Thing is, because i went for the Nigerian Entertainment awards, i am kinda broke :). But i really am touched that so many people would've come anyway (big ups to JT and Unwritten amongst others) if i did do something. Thing is, i've barely had time to think, which is why i seem to be awol on blogsville most of the time. Anyhoo, there was no time to really plan for something, but thanks who all who were interested! We can still plan something though, and if anyone is interested, just let me know and i will give you my email address.

Thanks to all those who wished me well! What will i do without all you lovelies? :)
Oh my birthday is next monday, June 30th.

PS: ok, MAN ALERT. I need y'alls help. Hypothetical situation: If you are a guy really complement each other aka you like each other a lot and the compatibility is there, but he works offshore and will be away 6 weeks at a time and you won't be able to communicate with him for those 6 weeks he is offshore, but will be onshore in the same city as you for 2 weeks after that (and the cycle is like that: see him for 2 weeks, don't see him for 6 weeks), would you still date him?

I have to cut this short because my class has continued and i am still here typing away on blogsville :) have a blessed week y'all! More juicy details about my weekend in NY coming soon to a cmoputer/laptop/macbook air/ whatever the heck you please near you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Birthday is a' coming!!!!!!

Ok, while i was on the train yesterday to D.C., i had this radical idea.

You see, my birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. Honestly, i had no intention on doing anything (frankly, i am too lazy to care at this point). However, i thought about something:

Why not arrange a dinner to celebrate my birthday AND INVITE ALL THE BLOGSVILLE PEEPS IN THE AREA?

Now, i am not sure i am going to go through with this, but i thought, what the heck, why not throw it out there?

So awon unwritten and the rest of them blogsville peeps in the MD, D.C., NY AND NJ area, hit me up!

Meanwhile, in other news, i had some other interesting thoughts on the train (my train trip is always so long, it demands one to become a philosophical thinker in order to survive the trip). I was on my way back from D.C. when these obnoxious little brats got on the train. One black boy, probably about the age of 10 or 12, and the other somewhere under the age of 10. They were loud and lousy, talking at the top of their voices to each other even though they were right next to each other, and using a lot of foul language. I looked around me, and i noticed i was not the only one irritated by the brats. At one point, while the train was still moving, the older boy started doing pull ups with the poles in the train. At that point, i was like where the heck are these kids parents? then my next thought was "Oh lord, if i have to stay in this country, my kids will go to nigeria for secondary school. i don't think i want to bring them up in this society."

Now, i am not saying that the nigerian society is any better. With no job, no electricity, the corruption, why would i want my child to grow up there, you ask? Well, call me naive, but i rather my child suffer problems OUTSIDE themselves than problems within. What do i mean by that? Well, i 'd rather my child worry about whether he will get a job due to lack of job opportunities rather than the fact that he is black. No, don't give me that look. Subtle racism still exists in this country. For example, why does it take a white person a regular bachelor's degree to get a job, while a black person has to have probably some master's or associate degree IN ADDITION to his bachelor's TO LAND THE SAME FRIGGIN JOB?

Anyway, back to my story. The boys finally got off at some point. Then my attention went to this black woman. She took off her slippers, placed her leg on the pole that people usually hold on to while they stand in the metro, and proceeded to rub cream on her feet. For some reason, i felt awkward watching that. I am a snob or something? I just felt like that was inappropriate for the venue. Like really. But i immediately felt a rush of shame. I mean, why is it that whatever the black people do is always "razz" or "ghetto" or "unsophisticated"? Sophistication is a relative term. For example, in a certain country (i've forgotten the name), it is considered disrespectful to the household if you don't belch after eating. In this country, it would be considered rude and unsophisticated to belch at the table. So you see, what if, for lack of better word, "the white way" was considered wrong? What if it was considered rude to be quiet in public places, and the right way of things was to be loud and gregarious? What if everything we thought was wrong with the African American society today, in terms of behavior e.g sagging pants, was actually the right way? Think about that......

Anyway, peeps, don't forget to hit me up, and have a great weekend!!! Update about the new dude in my life coming soon! :D

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm back!

Goodness, i can' t believe i haven't been here in so long!!!!

what have i missed? oya everyone who has gist, report here ASAP!!!!!

I saw all the wishes for my finals.... may God bless all of you oh! It went well, we thank God...... Had to pop into houston briefly after that... stress relief you know ;)

It has been a wild couple of weeks... my parents came and left.... in all their glory
My brother graduated (yippee!)
All the mad parties and such, and saying goodbyhe to my friends because i was leaving for the summer...

A wierd thing has been going on though. Or maybe not wierd, but slightly disturbing to me, for some reason.
Ok, so my friend asked me to come with her to houston. We left right after our last finals, and piled into her brother's car with 5 other people (Lord have mercy, a 4 hour journey with 7 people). It was fun. I was ever ready with nigerian movies for our viewing pleasure.
Before we left though, i went to my friend's house, and saw this dude but never bothered saying hey or anything like that. Then, on saturday night, after all the festivities of the day and such, we started gisting at like 2am (thank God my friend's mum didnt see us, she's rather strict).

Since then, we talk on and off, but i don't even really understand whats going on. Ok, so i sorta like him, but apparently its much deeper on his side. Yesterday night i was talking to him when he told me about his new job. You see, he's moving to the town i'm in, but only for 2 months. Right now, i am in MD, and so i won't even see him, and by the time i get back, he'll be moving to texas for 5 months. So the dude starts talking about how he'd understand if i didn't wait and blah blah blah. Now, to be very honest, i never even thought that far. Sure, i kinda like him, but i don't know to what extent yet. I know though that if i really liked him, i'd be willing to wait (after all, i am skilled in long distance sturvs). What got me though was when he said that it would hurt his feelings, but he would rather i be happy, whether its with him or someone else. For me though, things have moved a little to quickly for me. I never thought of my self with him like that. He is just a friend i happen to like. So i am kinda apprehensive, but i guess we'll see how things go. Moving on.....

My old friend from nigeria came over to MD!!! Gosh, i haven't seen this babe in 3 years! You'd think things would be awkward, seeing as i barely had to call her and such over the years.. but it was nothing like that! we just picked up were we left off..... reminiscing about runs to sturvs like rythm unplugged, silverbird, etc. I evev remember this one time we went there and just chilled (i dont think we ever went there and actually watched a movie). We were in that bookstore place (can't remember the name, i think its nu metro) and just chilled. Then this wierd, unkept looking guy walked up to us and started yarning some kind things. To be very honest, the dude kinda scared me. We kept on giving hints that we wanted to walk away by saying things like "we have to go now", but the dude kept on talking like we never said anything. Then, NEPA or PC whatever they are calling themselves struck and took the light. So we were stuck with this wierd dude in the dark. My friend kept nudging my painfully indicating that we should leave, but i was holding a book about pregnancy that i got from a stand right next to me (don't ask me why i was holding a book about pregnancy). For some reason, my brain was more preoccupied about returning the book to its rightful place than in escaping before the wierd dude did something. I was also afraid that in escaping, we would knock him or some kind of book stand over. Then, when i finally gave up and dropped the book on the floor, the dude suddenly spoke and said "i hope you guys are not trying to run away from me" in the pitch darkness. At that moment, i was scared stiff. Luckily, the light came back on. I feigned a phone call from an imaginary friend that had come to pick us up, and thats how we escaped.

I took her round DC. It was so much fun! We went into a lot of museums (i'll put up pics if i can). Can you imagine, in the art museum, there was thing one "painting" that looked like the thing my baby cousin did yesterday. I was to pieces of wood, one painted blue, and the other painted white. Biko, can't any human being go to home depot, by the plywood and paint and do that at home? Here's a photo of what i am talking about:
Meanwhile, someone has made possibly thousands off that. Oh well, i will try not to hate. We also went to the african history museum, were i was shocked to tears to see a sculpture made out of the bottoms of peak and three crowns evaporated milk cans. If you want to see it, the museum is on independence ave, near the smithsonian castle, and its in the el anatsiu exhibit.

Unfortunately, when we got to georgetown, it started raining cats and dogs, so we decided to head home. All in all, a fun day!

So who can volunteer to show me how y'all have fun up here? Let me see if y'all can do it the way we do down south! :D LOL have a great weekend y'all. Muahz!!!!!