Friday, August 8, 2008


Mehn, i just realised that it has been a long minute since i've been here oh....... I'm actually in between writing an exam,but what the heck? I need stress relief :)

I never thought i could be away from blogsville this long.. i guess thats how much of a geek i am:) i intend on passing this exam, come rain or shine! So, due my dedication, my time on blogsville has faltered :( Hopefully it'll pick up soon......

Anyhoo, quick gist, cuz i have to go and continue
1. i decided not to date the guy (check out previous posts). Funny enough, as soon as i made that decision, i no longer liked him. Strange huh? Maybe he was just entertainment for me, something to think about.

2. Hmm, i heard on Fox today that Russia has declared war on the US oh! I am just praying that that was just overexxageration on Fox's part, if not, biko, the minute i see one wierd airplane, i am buying a one way ticket back to naija! No be by force abeg.

3. Dark night was SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering what all the noise about heath ledger's death was back then, i never thought he was an amazing actor, but he sure changed my mind after this movie! He was scarily on point. I even heard that some people think he killed himself because he got to involved with the role. Can't blame him.

4. I entered another love triangle again. I'll update soon (hopefully) cuz i have to go and finish my exam. Bye luvies!