Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nawa oh

Ok, first of all, i know i owe a lot of people a lot of explanations.... after all, i have been off blogspot FOR 5 MONTHS!! (or is it 4? whatever sha)

First of, THAT IS WHY IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE INTERNET IN YOUR HOUSE. Yes oh, i am sad to say, in this day and age, i don't have internet in my house. Haven't had since i moved in august. I must say i kinda got used to it. So, whenever i was on campus on the computers, it had to be for business. Hence me absence.

Ok, so some will say "so why couldn't you post just a little bitty something when you got the chance?" The answer is: NO TIME!!!! Honestly. From studying for my MCATS and trying to keep up with schoolwork and boy wahala, omo, a girl is kept rather busy.

A lot happened over the past couple months. I fled with some friends when gustav hit (nothing was damaged in my house though). I lost friends, kept some friends, and all in all i discovered a lot about myself. I got a new boo (who i'm angry at right now), though it kinda took us 4 months to get together( which was my fault, i kinda have a fear for the label "girlfriend". I still have it. But i realised it was either i lose him and keep my fabulous single life, or keep a really good guy. Logic won, even though, i must say, i still hate the label, and miss my single life).

Did a lot of unecessary shopping, planned a friend's birthday party, attended a bunch of parties, almost had a fight at one party because my guy friend (see how i hate the word boyfriend?) almost knocked out this one guy who kept wanting to grind on me (we weren't dating then)

I mean i can go on and on, but i am actually waiting for someone and wondering why she hasn't called me yet. I'm still mad at my guy friend, and i'm also wondering why it now wants to snow in this little town were it hasn't rained FOR OVER 70 YEARS. NO JOKE.

Uh oh, she's calling me already. So i guess i have to save the story of when a black cat got into my house and under my bed at 2am for another day. Did i mention i severely hate cats? Anyway, i have to go, going shopping for some people BECAUSE I AM GOING HOME! YES PEOPLE, I AM GOING TO NIGERIA! AND ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO!

bye lovelies