Monday, February 9, 2009

Omo i've been tagged

Ok, i was tagged by the lovely incognaija... so here goes..

BTW, if i tag you to this, better do it or else! :P

Where's ur cell phone?

Right beside me, as always :0)

Where's ur significant other?

Don't have one as of right now... but working on it ;). Btw, let me use this opportunity to thank all those who lovingly left me advice on my last post... may God bless you.... i'm definitely over that chapter of my life, and i am currently working on the next one. Hopefully the gist about the new guy will come soon.....

Your hair colour?

Brown, suprisingly... and i mean i slightly light shade of brown, and no, its not due to l'oreal expression or anything like that.... just randomly woke up one day and noticed my hair was really brown.... i hypothesize thats its due to the large variety of brand name hair relaxers used on me wwhile growing up... but its all good..

Your mother?

Is God sent.....don't know what i'd do if i didn't have her... may God bless her in everyway possible...

Your father?

Is my father, and i love him and i am grateful to God for his presence..

Your favorite things:

Of the top of my head: my mother (yes, i am placing her here, even though she is not a thing! but lemme stick to the rules now), my home, my phone, my clothes!

Your dream last night?

Didn't have one

Your dream goal?

Becoming a doctor and becoming the woman God ordained me to be...

The room you're in?

The school library! U forget say i no get internet for my house! And lets not even go there...

Your hobby?

Dancing!!!!! ABSOLUTE LOVE OF MINE! Swimming used to be one of my hobbies, but when consciousness about my hair set in, swimming was out....

where u wanna be in six years?

Wherever God wants me to be... after all, i can dream and dream, but God's dreams are always waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay grander and a lot better, so i decided to roll with His dreams for me.... since His ways are waaaaaaaaaaay higher than mine, whatever i plan will be like sand compared to his marvelous will for me.... you dig?

Where were you last night?

My house, making peppersoup and indomie at the same time...

What you're not?


One of your wish list items:

To become a doctor!

Where you grew up?


Last thing you did?

Pop some lame candy called love hearts in my mouth... mehn i'm hungry....

What are you wearing?

White slippers, dark jeans, brown tshirt and Khaki jacket with silver earrings

Your pet:

HAVE NONE! And i am still trying to get a gun to shoot the stray cats around my house.

Your computer?

Is a toshiba and its extremely slow.... don't know what to do... i've tried everything from cleaning the registry to freeing up about 14G space to clearing spyware and such....

Your mood:


Your car?

Is a blessing from God that shows when you dream, God brings it forth, and does beyond what you could ever dream or imagine...

Something you're not wearing?

A necklace?

Favorite store?

Don't have one, to be honest... different stores cater to my different needs....

Your summer?

Had a blast in MD!

Love someone?

God (as you can tell by now), myself (sometimes a bit too much, i think). and my mother.

Your favorite colour?

Always changes! I gbadu the people who have the committment power to stick to one!

Last time you laughed?

Yesterday, my friend came over while i was cooking and was displaying her madness as usual..

Last time you cried?

Maybe a week or 2 ago... wasn't like a flood or anything.. one or two drops...

Are you a bitch?

First of all, i really hate that word. However, to be honest, i have been told i have such tendencies... but let me stress that I REALLY HATE THAT WORD!

Favorite pastime:

Chilling with good friends...

Hater or lover:

Depends on what you mean... do i hate on people? no.... do i love a lot of people? no.... so you see, whoever made this needs to be clearer!

Genuine or fake:

Lets be real here... i can be both. And don't look at the screen like that! I can give you a simple example to show that the same applies to you: the last time you went to buy coffee/gum/groceries/insert purchase here, and the cashier asked how you where doing and you smiled and said good and the person struck up conversation with you and you pretended to be listening with all smiles.... get my drift?

Any vices?

hmm....lemme think about that..

Pro life or wire hanger:

I'm not answering this question, cuz its complicated...

Mccain or Obama:

Honestly? Neither.

Pro-plastic or natural:

Natural all the way oh! In my opinion, most women that have plastic surgery usually end up looking wierder than they did when they first had it....especially if its on the face...

Dream job?

How many times will i say this? TO BE A DOCTOR!

Omo this thing took longer than i expected... ok i tag solomosydelle, naijadramaqueen,bumight,charizard, and last but definitely not least, the love of my life, Uniwritten!