Monday, April 6, 2009

Aren't balloons supposed to be a source of joy?

Ok, i promised y'all i would be back with some gist.

I am here today to share with you the story of a friend of mine, a story i still find hilarious till this day.

*Disclaimer*: some part of this gist may appear hapharzardly because i am too tired to remember the story in order. I apologise.

Ok, so here it goes. I need to give y'all some background though.

In this city, there are 2 sets of cliques. One clique comprised of A, B and C. The other clique comprised of D, E and F. This story was told to me by D. A, B and C and cool with D, E and F, but the relationship is wierd as can be (at least from my viewpoint). A, B and C, i hate to say, don't have the best of personalities. They are those type of catty girls you see on tv, the type that will criticize every outfit you wear, would see you wearing something and tell you to your face they rock it better, will gossip and mock you behind your back, you know? We all have met such people in one form or the other. But i do have to say, these ones stand out to me.
But on with the gist.

So, B's birthday was coming up. Keep in mind during this story that the real tight friends are D, E and F. Anyway, D recieves a phone call from C, and see starts of by plainly telling her "Look, B's birthday is on tuesday. I am buying...., A is getting her ...., you are getting the card and balloons (and something else i can't remember). E is getting the teddy bear 9some brand name) and F is getting the ice cream cake". After this, order (cause there was no "please can you get this for her" in that conversation), D was like "oookk".

Anyway, D was majorly broke. like only $5 left in checking account broke. So after finding out that all the things portioned to her to buy for B were waay out of her means, she called C and told her that she cannot get the things, that she'll get the balloons for her, and the card. C, got all catty and upset, calling her pretty much a pauper (but in a "joking" tone, of course), and then tells her that A was already going to come and pick her up, so she should behave herself. So D called A, and told her what was going on, that she can't afford to buy the gifts, and A hissed and laughed and hung up.

Then came tuesday. D was already annoyed at this point. The plan was for them to go to B's house that evening to wish her happy birthday and stuff. D told E and F that she was not going, but they placated her and told her to come along. Meanwhile, some days before, E told C that she checked out the price of the teddy bear, and it costs $45, and she cannot afford to buy that right now. F had gotten the cake. D, E, and F, drove to the mall to get the card that D was specifically told to get. The card cost $10, so D said she wouldn't buy it, that instead she would get the balloons. After calling A, (or C), and telling them that she could not get the card, they insulted her (don't remember what they said then).

Anyway, when they got to B's house, they sang happy birthday and she cut the cake. When D told B happy birthday, B was like 'you sef" in a malicious way, and A was like "is it not this one, don't mind her."

After they left, D was raving mad. A then started calling D, and D didn't pick up. A then left her a voice message, saying that D was a stupid, poor B****, and how can she be so selfish after all what B has done for her (and till this day, i have no clue what B has supposedly done for D), and how she is disgusting, and blah blah blah. She also sent txts to D, talking about how she should pick up the phone, how she'll slap D, and so on.

Strange things we human beings do sometimes


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jobless at work

Ok, its been a while since i've been on here, and i don't want to give people like unwritten heart problems, so i decided to update real quick

Pardon my absence, as i said before, thats the consequence of not having internet in your house.

got annoyed with my roomie yday. why,. you ask? well, because she bought a new microwave. no, its not jealousy thats worrying me. The thing is, i feel disrespected.

Ever since we moved into that apartment, she uses only HER stuff... you know, only her own pots, only her own storage bowls, etc... i mean i use mine and hers, but i always wondered kini big deal.. abi are my things not worthy to be used or something? i don't know. anyway, on to the microwave story.

Came back home a couple days ago to see a used black microwave on my countertop. so i'm thinking, "ok, what the heck, what is this doing here?". and so it sat there for days, no explanation as to why there is suddenly another microwave in the house. Plus it was just dumped out of order,blocking off space, and so after waiting for days for the owner to properly set it up and they didn't i annoyingly did.

Which now brings me to yesterday. i was at school when i randomly recieved a txt
"hey, do you still want your microwave?"
and i'm thinking 'what kind of stupid question is that?'
So i replied, saying "yup"
and she replied "ok, i thought so."

And i'm there looking at my phone like ???????
So i get home yesterday night, and lo and behold , the microwave has been plugged in. So i'm thinking ok, was my microwave never good enough for you, and now that your bf has finally gotten you one from somewhere, you are relieved you no longer have to use mine? and i say this because she has always been irked that the microwave has the turntable missing (was broken before i moved in with her).

I dunno.. I'm probably just overreacting..... on the other hand, why in the world do we need 2 MICROWAVES??????

Hopefully, when school calms down, i can gist y'all about my new man (well, not really my man, i don't like labels remember?), my ex (yeah, the last guy i posted about is my ex), some old flames who have randomly popped back into my life, and the story about a friend of mine who was thoroughly insulted because she did not buy some chick ballooons for her birthday.

Crazy times, i tell you.