Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ok, I have to write this quickly before my boss comes back to check on our experiment. Just wanted to let blogsville know that TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I don't think i have been this excited about a birthday in years. But who wouldn't be, when you realise just how wonderful, faithful and good God has been to you? Anyway, just wanted to let y'all know. Haven't done anything yet (other than work). Funny enough, i am going to have to work unpaid overtime today because we haven't finished our experiment yet. But its all good. Its really important for me to thank God for this day, so i am going for fellowshipb right after work, and then its off to this trendy jazz restaurant for dinner! PRAISE GOD!


PS: Gist to come later... i've started writing it, but haven't got round to finishing it yet. Please pardon any spelling errors in this. I chose to write in yellow, for whatever reason, and i can barely see what i am typing

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No title

I seriously cannot think of a title right now. I'm bored at work, so decided to come on here. Its been a while, and i have been very unfaithful...blogsville, i beg your forgiveness...

Regarding my last post, i do get those moods sometimes, yes. Feels wierd to me because, if you knew me, you'd never suspect... just goes to show huh? But thanks to all who came and comforted me.... may God never leave you alone in your time of need.... amen. Special thanks to unwritten...sometimes, the best thing an ear needs to hear is that it has a twin :).

Anyway, on to random news (y'all know how i do)...

1. Apparently, there was some high school kid who appeared before court for mutilating 14 cats. Go figure. The thing is, i heard (from CNN oh, this is not amebo gist) that the judge decided that the kid is not a danger to himself or his community, and so they let him go. Funny enough, the reporter commented that the people in the neighbourhood are scared of him

Now here's my thing: I am pretty sure (and all those of great knowledge, please confirm/correct me on this one) that it has been proven that children who are cruel to animals usually grow up to be serial killers. Now when i mean cruel, i don't mean you leave your house without kissing your beloved pet goodbye, or you forget the poor little "champion" (as we nigerians like to name our dogs), but you do really random ish, like, for example, mutilate the animal. Now, lets consider that word, mutilate. In plain naija speak, you chopped the thing to pieces. Dont get me wrong, i am not an animal lover (dont like cats, dogs, fish, whatever), so i am not here on some save the animals campaign. But i would say it takes a pretty strong person to mutilate a cat, not to talk of 19 cats, which is what the guy did. Oh well, at least when the next serial killer is on the lose, we know where to look.

2. I mentioned i was working right? Yup, i am doing research. And no, i am not particularly interested in it (as a matter of fact, i always hated lab classes). Just shows what you do to achieve your dream....btw, as this my job, on the first day, as part of orientation, a rat was put on my body. Yes. I said it. PUT ON MY BODY. I lie not. Yes, i was horrified. Had to stand there and let the thing run down my body. Why, you ask? Cuz the director wanted us to get over our fear of the disgusting things. Did i mention this was on the first day?

3. Who in blogsville is attending naija reunion this year? And if anyone has attended in past years, please enlighten me...how was your experience? Cuz i am not about to spend $70 on some party extravaganza when malls still exist.....scheww...

4. More news will come later. Its 1.01pm. In 9 minutes, i have to go collect rat urine, anasthaesize 4 rats (yes, i cannot spell that word), collect their blood, kidney and heart, and do some other random ish. Sorry for disgusting you, i guess i should've put a disclaimer at the beginning huh? :)

Bye Lovelies, more news soon!


Friday, June 12, 2009

True Confession

As i sit in front of the tv, watching Reba on lifetime, i realise i am struggling with something.
Something that nobody knows, something that i don't understand
Something i feel ashamed for feeling.
I feel........lonely.
Don't know why.
Wierdly, it goes against my very nature.

I have been told i am a very likeable person. A very loveable person.
But i have always found it hard to hold on to friends for a long period of time
Do i have friends? SURE.
But do i have many close friends? i don't think so...
And this is where the feeling ashamed comes in
I feel God has given me sooooooo much..... that i really shouldn't be feeling this way...almost like i'm ungrateful
But i cannot deny that the feeling is there....

Where does this feeling stem from? I dunno....
Maybe its a trend i started noticing when i came to this country
I make friends
We become close
Then we drift
For no apparent reason
Has happened to me 3 times now...
And i cant say it doesn't hurt
It does
It hurts because by nature, i am a friendly person
I love being surrounded by friends
So why does this happen? I don't know

Here i sit
On a couch
On a friday evening
Wanting to go out and do something
Not just sit here
But, at this point, i find myself at a place that i never thought i would be
A place i always feared
I find myself at home
With no where to go.


PS: After writing this, and signing my name, before i posted this, i realised something. I pray to God for many things.......protection, provision, and other things.... but i realised i have been proud. I have kept this burden to myself all these years, thinking it was something God would be upset about, or feel like i was complaining....but who am I to assume such things? So, finally, with a tear rolling down my cheek, i let it out, and handed it over to God....and instead of being angry, like i thought, He was very compassionate and understanding.....