Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maltesers instead of Eclairs

The title kinda explains how i feel. I wanted Eclairs, but got something else.

Ok, so i'm in this new town, and i mentioned in a previous post that i had met a guy here (can't remember what i called him in a previous post, and i'm too lazy to check, so i''ll call him Big boy, or BB. I think i called him "big" something before. whatever sha). Me and BB have been chilling pretty much errday (my cousin thinks the dude likes me). I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with all his attention, so one bright sunny afternoon, i asked him if he was this nice to all his friends. He asked me why. I simply told him how its typical for naija guys to shower all this attention and time and gas and money on a girl if they liked the girl, and that i am not looking for such right now (to be honest, i'm not sure what i want anymore. i think a guy whom i like and who likes me sounds perfect). The conversation was kinda long, and i knew i made him uncomfortable, but i wanted to put my cards on the table, so he knows that if he chooses to continue doing all this stuff for me, he shouldn't be doing it in expectation of some reward.

Anyhoo, so i was chilling the other day at home with my cousin, and decided i needed some excitement (boredom can make you do strange things. Not that i was even bored, i was with BB, but i decided i wanted some drama. lol). So i remember this dude i've seen a couple times, who plays the piano and guitar. Seems to have a certain swagger i like, plus he has this pair of glasses that make him look hot! (dont know when i started liking guys with glasses. or chubby guys. but thats another issue). So i describe the guy to a female friend, and she says that there are two guys that fit my exact description. After much discussion, she decides that i must be talking about Mr. White (MW from now on). She tells me she'll call him and let me know wassup.

I woke up yday to see a missed call and a txt from a number i don't know. Then, i recieve a txt from my friend, telling me that the dude agreed, and she has given him my number. I'm excited, (which makes me feel shameful, dont know why). I dettered from answering his text: i had to find out what my friend had told him, so i know what foot to put forward (You know we guys like to plan). So i am looking forward to night time, when i'm home (after hanging out with BB), to do my thing (dont try me oh, i have game!). But i was about to be surprised.

So BB and i went to the aquarium (i'd never been to one before). Was fun. After we were done, we were in the car, trying to figure out what to do next. I found a way to bring MW into the convo (not hard, seeing as i had been thinking about him). I described MW, the guy i wanted to, BB, while pretending i was asking because of a friend . To my surprise, i found out the guy i admired, MW, was not the guy whom my friend had hooked me up with!!! my goodness! to say i was flabbergasted was an understatement. Turns out the person who now has my number, who i had been looking forward to talking to when i got home, was someone i didn't even know.

So as soon as i got home, i went on fb, and checked BB's friend list. I come across a guy whose name was similar to MW's name, and noted he wasn't my type. I am furiously scanning, looking for the name of this mystery guy, the dude who had my number. Seeing as people change their names on fb (like from "chukwuka madueke" to "Chuck iknowwhatyoulike Madden"), I was getting frustrated, cuz i figured that was why i couldn't find this mystery guy. I txt BB and ask him what the real name of my mystery guy was, last name and all. I went back on facebook and checked again, only to see IT WAS THE GUY WHOM I FIRMLY MARKED IN MY MIND AS NOT BEING MY TYPE.

Wierdly enough, i had asked God if i should ask my friend to hook me up with this guy. God said no. I went ahead and asked my friend, and now i have my friend upset with me cuz apparently this dude, who isn't my type, called her and was complaining that he has tried reaching me and i'm not responding. Meanwhile, the one i want is still at large. I thought i learned by now that God had a sense of humor. I guess not. I still love HIM though. :).

In summary:

Ideal equation: Honeywell + MW

Real equation: Honeywell + Not My Type Guy + Annoyed friend.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lol. I feel like a town crier.

But i did feel like i got an epiphany to a question that i didn't even know i was asking this afternoon, a question i know some of us struggle with, or have wondered about at one point in time or the other.

Ever wondered what happened to the people in the old testament? You know, who didn't have a chance to meet or even hear about Jesus and therefore get saved that way? Well, read 1 Peter chapter 3 vs 18-20.

In my bible (which is actually for kids, but whatever!), it reads:

"....He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit, through whom also he went and preached to the spirits in prison who disobeyed long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built...."

All i can say is, since God ministers to us differently based on where we are in life, i can only pray that the Lord minister to you better than he did to me concerning this question. AMEN.


PS: COME ALL YE, COME ONE AND ALL! And read my previous post. Women, please don't be upset with me, but we need the truth y'all!

PPS: I wonder how old y'all think i am. *giggles*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In The Middle Of Physics

Don't worry, my title isn't supposed to be some great mystery you have to unravel. Its simply what i am doing now: helping my cousin with physics.

Time: 1.23am, central time.

Was roaming on blogsville while i let him attempt to solve some questions, and i decided to drop a note.

For one thing, UNWRITTEN IS BACK!
Ok, thats enough about her :)

I actually want to comment on something. Something i was told about 2 months ago that really changed the way i thought about a lot of things.

Have you ever thought about why its hard to be a single mother? I mean, really thought about it?
There are many reasons why some would say its hard:

1. There's only one income coming in
2. Raising kids is hellish
3. And on and on the list goes.

But do you know why its hard for a single mother, even if money wasn't an issue?

Its because we women were never designed to be heads of the household.
And when you aren't created to do something, logic dictates thats it generally harder to do it.

What do i mean exactly? Well, the bible says we women should submit to our husbands. I know, i know, right there i can feel all the independent women in the house raising hell. Calm down. I was once part of your group, and so i can feel you indignation. Just hear me out.

In the world we live in today, the "Independent woman" is celebrated. Who is she? The woman who is a top exec, has her own car, own house, and all that shebang. You know? She has her stuff together, at least to the eyes of the world. But haven't you noticed how unhappy those women usually are? I kid you not, if you read up the autobiography of accomplished, single/multiple divorced women, they all sing the same sad tune at the end of the day.

Why is that?

Its because they weren't created to be all that. Now, am i saying its wrong to have all those things? No. Not at all. As long as your priorities are straight.

Submitting to your husband does NOT mean you become his doormat. It simply means his word goes. Thats all. And if you know how to use your womanly power, it simply means what you want gets done, even though "his word" goes. :)

But lemme get back to the original matter at hand. Women were created to be taken care of, and the men to be the caretakers. Food for thought: its generally easier for women to give their lives to Christ than men. Why? Because God promises to take care of our needs. Women like to be taken care of. Do the math.

On the other side of the coin, why don't we ever hear about single dads? Cuz its not like they aren't out there. They are. When we do hear about them, however, we generally (and i stress generally) hear about how nice it would be for the children to have a mother figure, but thats about it. The children are generally well taken care of. Why? because men were created to be heads of the house.

My fellow women, this was a bitter pill for me to swallow. But i have learnt, at my young age, thats God's will must be done, regardless. So its either you get with the program, or get frustrated. Try to rule over your husband, and he'll most likely make you unhappy, or leave. Try to do the single woman thing, and the pleasure lasts, but only for a moment.

Why? Cuz you weren't cut out for alla dat.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Random rant

Nigerian movies never cease to amaze me.... ok, if somebody is shot, or just had a heart attack, what is the point of shaking them violently in the name of sorrow? to move all their organs about till they finally collapse? nawa oh...

Anyhow people, how is everybody? bored at work, so decided to come on here. Its been t wo weeks *sniff*

- First off, everybody, start thanking God oh. at least 2 people i know (i think there's a third person) lost their father over the last 2 WEEKS. So while life might not be as comfortable and as plush as you like, at least you are still alive. You can go to the bathroom bvy yourself. Don't think thats a blessing? Imagine if everytime you needed to pee, you had to wait till someone could come and take you. And if no one was home? Oh well, you wait till they get back. If your bladder couldn't triumph over the pressure, then you are left sitting in a mess, with your relatives coming back to look at you with disgust. Now, does it sound more like a blessing? Thought so. You might not be dining at the best restaurants, or driving the best cars, but the Lord who loves you more than you can know is preserving you. Don't make Him leave before you realise how good He is to you oh!!!

- Y'all. have you seen the video they released today of michael jackson's hair on fire? My my, it was kinda creepy, to me anyway, especially after they showed the bald spot left behind. Check out for the link, and let me know what you think.

- Now, i am going to say something that will probably upset the Obama die hards, so be warned (i'll try to tread lightly though): I am somewhat worried about the way in which people blindly follow him because of something he represents to them. Now, i am not saying he is a bad man, and I for one am happy that a black man is now president, but at the same time, i think i should sound a note of warning-> don't be so quick to jump on the bandwagon with a man you know nothing about. Seriously. I am not bashing him, but i must say that while i was never for mccain, i wasn't for Obama either. He just seemed to be the better of 2 not-so-hot decisions at the time (not that i voted anyway). And thats just my humble opinion. I'm not saying he will not do great things or anything like that, but, like i said, if your sole reason for following a man is simple because of what he represents to you, then you might want to sit down and take a good think. If you can, by yourself, dredge of good, sound, logical reasons why you follow him e.g his policies and stances you agree with, then good. If not, Hmm.

-On to personal issues. Something kinda wierd (at least to me anyway) happened recently (and yes, this is a man issue). I was talking to a friend, whom i'll call dealer, that i met through a mutual friend, and i not-so-jokingly asked her to help me network aka meet new men. Not for relationship, i must state now, but simply to have more friends. Why men, you ask? Well, i must say, for me personally, men are a lot easier to get to know than women, who might either jealous you and hence not talk to you, or stick to their own so tightly that you're even scared to smile at them (reminds me of a post i read recently somewhere in blogsville about how naija people at gatherings tend to form extra tight circles that are hard to break and are ridiculous, quite honestly).

Anyhoo, earlier that day, before talking to my friend, i went to help set up for an event at a church where i didn't really know anyone at all. Was the first to arrive on the scene (yay me!). Later, a guy came, and then after that, a girl. Both were suprisingly sweet and open (for naija peeps anyway). Then this third person came along, whom i'll call big boss. In contrast to the other 2, big boss simply gave me a look and walked away. Found that quite strange, especially in light of the other 2 people.

Event started and ended. Was fun. I had burnt a naija cd for the event (which eventually wasn't played because of time), and was asked by a gentleman if he could keep the cd, to which i agreed. Then Sunday came along. Church time! I must confess, i love to seat right at the 2nd or 3rd row, with all the big women with their geles and stuff. Anyway, its offering time (blessing time!), and we have to dance to the front and drop our offerings. Dancing back to my seat was a slow process (you know all those women who will do the 2 step and cupid shuffle before they go back to their seat), so i am left dancing in the row where my seat is, trying to get to my seat. I look to my left randomly, and low and behold, there was big boss, right beside me! Felt kinda wierd. I honestly didn't want to say hi, but there was no where else to go because of the slow procession. So i simply squared my face forward and danced to my seat.

At sometime after 9pm, dealer randomly calls me, and starts outlining what intially sounded like a business deal. I am left confused, and so i asked her to repeat herself. She proceeds to tell me how her phone got broken, and so she couldn't go through her phone list to figure out who would be perfect for me. But for whatever reason, she couldn't get this face out of her head, even though she and the person weren't close (she didn't have his number even). So, she calls a cousin of her's, amd gets the dude's number. So i'm sitting there thinking, wow, this dude must be something, if she doesn't know him and yet can't get his face out of her head. So i eagerly ask who the person is. She clearly states:


Details later (hopefully).

Have a splendid weekend!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, people, i just heard this on CNN less than 5 mins ago and i just HAD to share......

For those who have not heard the gist about South Carolina Governor, i've got your back. Here's the low down...

So about 2 weeks ago (i think), the governor went missing. Seriously. It was all over the news that he went missing, and neither his wife nor his office people knew where he was.

Later on, his office released a statement saying that the governor is not missing, but went hiking on the Appalachian trail (some random trail that goes through the bush to new york).

On that same day (i think), rumors started spreading that the governor went hiking NUDE.

Following that report (i believe it was a day or two later), it was reported that the governor was not hiking the Appalachian trail as his office said, but was actually in Argentina. According to CNN, the governor decided to take off 2 weeks to clear his head (i kid you not, thats what they said).

Upon his return, questions were raised as to whether the governor could be faulted for any wrong doing, but seeing as he apparently took the leave with his own money, it was not big deal. It was later reported that he used part of the government's money ($8000) but he said he would refund the state.

At a press conference called for the governor, what was to be a forum to explain his trip turned out to be a confessional, as the governor got to the podium, looking very sad (like he had something weighing on his shoulders) and stated solemnly that he actually went to argentina to see the woman he has been cheating on his wife with. Apparently this has been going on for a while.

Now, this evening, CNN is reporting that the emails sent back and forth between the governor and his mistress have been released. All over the internet are videos of people reading the long, romantic letters they sent back and forth to one another. Some had him telling her how he liked her tan line, amongst other things.

But this is the kicker: Apparently the governor can be convicted because under South Carolina law, any man or woman found to have committed adultery or fornication can recieve a fineof up to $500 and a maximum of 1 year in jail. I do have to dampen your enthusiasm by remarking that CNN reported that the last person to be sentenced according to this law was in 1909.

So, in summary, if you dey South Carolina, and aggro dey catch you, hol' am oh, if you no wan go jail! :)

Yours fabulously,