Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where has Phoenix gone?

That is the question of the year: Where has phoenix gone?

I'm still here. Still surviving. Still strong.

A lot of things have been happening in my life.

God called me, and i answered..... entered into the most beautiful relationship that man can encounter...literally. Never really understood when people always said "Have an intimate relationship with God"..... till He showed me what that meant.... the One that will never leave you, never forsake you, is always there, always understands, always comforts, always disciplines, always loves regardless of your dumb, stupid, selfish decisions... y'all, i can boast about Him all day....but those of you that know Him know what i mean...

Went through a wonderful and hellish summer at the same thing (isn't it wonderful how God can make a seemingly unbearable situation one of the most exciting times in your life). A trying semester. New friendships, a lot of growing up, amongst other things. Had my ex boyfriend that broke up with me in January confess he never got over me.....dealt with the temptation to go back to him, and finally moved on.... because i realized that i can never truly be happy knowing that i am doing something that my Father does not want me to do, and it'll only end up hurting me.....

There is a lot of gist, and a lot of stories... really hard to blog in the middle of the semester because of work and all (plus not having internet in my house kinda has something to do with it). I kinda miss blogsville though, and i miss telling stories and sharing opinions.... Maybe i might start that again. Maybe. Who knows these things? :)

But i want to tell the most important story of all: the story about how i met God (not face to face, before y'all get creeped out)..